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Increase collaboration at work

Why UpRaise?


Due to minimum number of barriers, the adoption is to your liking from first day. Complete agile performance management suite in your JIRA.


Major version upgrades for UpRaise are released every 3 weeks. We are constantly testing innovative features helping you stay ahead.


Don’t break your bank for building a winning team. Get highest ROI from a performance management software like never before.

Align Efforts

with Objectives & Key Results

One of the formidable challenges while managing a team is getting everyone’s efforts aligned in the same direction. Constant communication and organisational transparency are key traits of a mission maniac team. UpRaise is seamlessly integrated with JIRA to help you connect the Company’s strategic plan with Goals of individual team members. Easy access and simple tracking in JIRA expedites the adoption like no other tool.

Motivate Co-workers

with Continuous Feedback

UpRaise helps you create customised feedback tags that suit your Organisation’s culture. Easy and quick recognitions specific to a JIRA issue or generic ones. Team members can request feedback from managers and peers alike. Give away the defunct annual reviews and adopt UpRaise for continuous improvements. And what’s more – all this data will be handy available for you in the periodic performance reviews.

Improve Continuously

with Review Forms

Stop managing spreadsheets and documents for performance reviews. UpRaise brings along easy and highly customisable forms in JIRA. Design, Configure & Distribute – that simple. As more and more companies move into frequent performance reviews mode, jump on the wagon. Performance reviews in JIRA are contextual and thereby more meaningful. Manage the workflow of each review form independently, matching your processes.

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