Continuous Feedback

Give & Request feedback directly on the JIRA issues. Customise visibility of the feedback based on your needs. Start private conversations. Build trust.

All your team's tasks are in JIRA,

Why not praise & coach them there ?

Let us admit it, most of the Feedback systems tend to lose their effectiveness because the number of barriers is very high in utilizing a separate system. What if the Feedback started living in JIRA ? Add to it UpRaise’s flexibility for issue specific feedback and generic feedback. That’s totally two birds in one stone.

360° Feedback

An extension of your company culture

Invariably each company has its own values and a peculiar culture. Make the continuous feedback a seamless extension of that culture with customizable feedback tags. It could be formal ratings or as informal as ‘You rock!’. Just imagine the kind of contextual & actionable feedback one JIRA issue can generate for the entire team.

Healthy communication

Habitual steady improvements

With leader boards and social scores foster a communicative culture. Make your JIRA the hub of constructive conversations. Generate reports for HR teams to figure out managers & team members who default on policy of frequent communication. UpRaise helps teams increase their true Agility through continuous learning.

Everything you need to build a winning team

No need to use isolated systems for performance management, UpRaise is natively developed for JIRA.
OKR GoalsTurn your JIRAinto a strategy compassfor your team.
FeedbackRealtime coachingwithin the contextof JIRA.
Review FormsAll kinds ofprocesses managed withform builder.
Enterprise ReadyBuild for teamsof all sizes,totally flexible.

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