Performance Reviews

An ounce of performance is worth several pounds of promises !

All your team's tasks are in JIRA,

Why not conduct reviews in there?

How many surveys and questionnaires before companies agree that annual and out of context performance evaluations are an exercise in futility? Au revoir archaic processes. Conduct performance reviews within JIRA, contextualized by the tasks and continuous feedback in UpRaise.


Fully Customizable & time bound

Fully flexible UpRaise Form Builder that resides natively in JIRA is every HR manager’s dream. With number of different question types and workflows that match your processes, never need an isolated system to conduct reviews. A bird’s eye view on the process and get everything completed within time.


Constructive like never before

Never forget an achievement you want to highlight or a weakness that you wanted the team member to work upon. With everything tightly linked to each other – Objectives, Continuous Feedback & Engagement data – make performance reviews count. JIRA and UpRaise are so made for each other.

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