Comprehensive Integration with Slack

Get notified in your Slack for relevant activities in UpRaise

Objectives & Key Results

Be it reminders for progress punch-ins or relevant comments on OKRs, UpRaise will notify you in Slack. The way your team manages goals, will never be the same again.

Continuous Feedback

Whether you receive a feedback or request for feedback, we’ve got you covered. UpRaise Bot slacks it to you in real-time. Truly continuous feedback is now at your fingertips.

Review Forms

Whenever a form in UpRaise is assigned to you in its lifetime, you will get notified about it in slack. No more reminders to get things done on time, streamline processes.

Everything you need to build a winning team

Don't use isolated systems, rely on UpRaise to seamlessly integrate with JIRA & Slack
OKR GoalsTurn your JIRAinto a strategy compassfor your team.
FeedbackRealtime coachingwithin the contextof JIRA.
Review FormsAll kinds ofprocesses managed withform builder.
Enterprise ReadyBuild for teamsof all sizes,totally flexible.