Learn How To Implement OKRs In Your Team
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A brief introduction to Objectives & Key Results. Get, Set, Go.
Why OKRs? Do we need another goal setting framework?
Actionable tips to
help you adopt the framework.
Resources that helped
100+ companies in
OKR best practices.
Comprehensive OKRs
Step by Step, Comprehensive
The content that we share in this email course is comprehensive. Step by step guidance takes you right through the basic concepts to monitoring & analysis. If you are a voracious reader & eager learner, this course is definitely for you.
Scarcity of hands on material for adoption of Objectives & Key Results, an agile goal setting methodology is well known. Through this email course, we share all the hands on knowledge that we've gained by building an OKR software from the ground up & by helping 100+ companies in OKR best practices.
Stage, Tool & Role Agnostic
Content included in this course is as much useful to a startup, as it is to an established business. Intent is to make you aware of the underlying fundamentals & then let you take your own shot at OKR adoption.
Although we are makers of an OKR tool, the knowledge that you gain is equally applicable to any other tool or even spreadsheets.
More importantly, we have been approached by different functions (viz. Executives, Operations, HR, leaders, Managers) for help with OKR best practices. Thus what you see is a role agnostic compendium for OKR enthusiasts.
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