Perfy, the AI Powered Robot to Enhance Employee Productivity
How it works?

First ever bot to enhance employee productivity, building a winning team was never so easy!!

Each of the employee is assigned a dedicated Perfy robot, their own sweet pet.

Perfy collects data on Employee behaviour & analyses to predict outcomes.

Based on the predictions, it starts making recommendations for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need Perfy?

A. Perfy is here to help employees and managers alike with the entire performance management process. The robot is a cost-effective alternative that saves multiple hours usually wasted in the process. It eliminates the subjectivity involved in the process, plus the results are 95% accurate.

Once you start using Perfy, within a few days your reaction will be ‘How did we survive without Perfy for so long?’

2. How does it enhance employee productivity?

A. Perfy monitors its user’s activity on a continuous basis. If users are taking longer and more frequent breaks, it beeps/vibrates incessantly to get them back on track. On the other hand, it reminds workaholics to take a break once in a while, stretch and walk around a bit to get the blood moving. Short breaks have proven to refresh employees and work with renewed vigour and more clarity.  
Either ways, Perfy ensures that employee productivity is enhanced.

3. How much does Perfy cost?

A: $70 per robot per year

4. How do I buy Perfy?

A. Pre-order your requirement on our website | Contact us

5. Can 2 or more employees share one robot?

A. No. The robot’s algorithm does not differentiate between 2 employees performance. Thus the performance management report will be mixed and not accurate for either of the employees.

6. Does Perfy come with a setup manual?

A. Yes, the setup manual provides step by step instructions to configure the robot and activate its voice-recognition system.

7. Will it come in different shapes and colours?

A. As of now, it is available only in metallic silver dog-shaped robot. Gradually it will be available in various animal shapes as well as colours.

8. Is there any software or app that I need to buy separately to view all the information the robot captures/provides?

A. The app will be complimentary and available on UpRaise website. To download, you will need an unique code assigned to each robot. Once downloaded, users can access complete information about their performance from the time their bot has been activated. They will also be able to see a forecast on their performance, upto the next 3 months.

9. Is it really possible that such an advanced technology is available at such low prices?

A. Well not yet, considering this is just in the spirit of April Fool’s prank! In the near future, maybe yes. Though it may or may not be really that affordable!