The largest marketplace for voice acting with over 300,000 voice actors and buyers, including Pixar and History Channel.


Torre’s mission is to make work fulfilling for everyone. Torre already has two successful marketplaces, Voice123 and Bunny Inc., were writers and voice artist in over 40 countries make a sustainable income from recording their voice.

The company wants to create memorable experiences for all their clients and talents and takes great efforts to make sure that happens.


Torre has grown at a rapid pace since its inception and plans to continue expanding consistently till they make sure their Mission has been achieved. They needed a goals management process that could help them scale this growth in a open and transparent manner. Torre has been working with OKRs for 2 years to manage their goal setting process and ensure they achieved success. Before UpRaise, the company was using OKRs in a similar way but through different tools. Also, before UpRaise they didn’t have a tool to collect feedback over time but simply had regular 1-1 meetings.

Challenges With Managing OKRs

Prior to UpRaise, Torre used another tool for managing their OKRs that was relatively expensive. While they were able to adopt the goal setting process, the management found that this tool added to a range of other tools they already used. It becomes quite a hassle when you have to handle a host of tools that require information to move from one place to another. Tracking goals using one medium and then giving or seeking feedback related to it separately in a meeting is not exactly convenient for managers or employees. It is time consuming and also confusing at times. Particularly when a new employee has been on-boarded and needs to be explained this procedure.

Since most of the work is in JIRA they adopted UpRaise and grabbed the opportunity to have one less log-in for an affordable price.

UpRaise Adoption

UpRaise is an Agile Performance Management add-on. Natively developed for JIRA, it empowers teams to do Goal management, Continuous Feedback & Performance Reviews in JIRA.

Changes After UpRaise

UpRaise helped Torre capture the essence of OKR Methodology and enabled them to set and track goals accordingly. The biggest benefits of using UpRaise are alignment of business goals and transparency of execution, which helped them drive superior performance. Overall it helped them ensure that their team members goals and work is aligned with the team and company objectives.

As they were already familiar with JIRA, team members did not have any obstacles using it. The easy integration with JIRA issues was a big plus and helped to appeal to their tech side of the company. They could now set Objectives within UpRaise and directly linked with issues in JIRA as Key Results allowing them to automatically track progress of all the objectives. Based on the progress contributed by their team members in real time, it got easier to make accurate predictions and plan accordingly.

UpRaise has been instrumental in making the entire goal setting process transparent. Employees can now see how their efforts and goals are tied in with their peers as well as their team’s objectives. This is an important step in increasing collaboration and collectively achieving the end goals.

It also enabled the management to easily monitor how all the tasks were progressing which made implementation of continuous feedback become way easier. If there is anything amiss or if someone is performing exceptionally well, they can easily and quickly be given feedback. If any of the employees want to seek feedback, they do so using UpRaise. 

Benefits After Adopting UpRaise

  1. As UpRaise is fully integrated with JIRA, the team at Torre found it really easy to use, saving valuable time on transferring data between multiple tools
  2. The ability to get data and a visual representation of how their goals were connected was a big plus for them
  3. The dashboard is clear and helped them quickly get valuable information any time they needed
  4. The reports being in real-time helped them determine how close or far they were from achieving their goals in the specified time limit they set
  5. Communication about progress became easier to share between all team members.
  6. Especially being able to give feedback in real-time and with proper context is highly appreciated.

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