All Employee Records Centralised in JIRA

Let People Take the Centre Stage, Not Just Jira Projects & Issues

All your team's tasks are in JIRA,

Why not the employee data ?

What if all your employee records were centrally available within UpRaise? You can then do the analysis based on any segment you wish. Be it plotting a performance graph of employees across different locations or maybe calculating average progress on goals by all employees with 4+ years experience!

Custom attributes

Seamless administration, no overhead

User & team profile pages are the centralised views for a quick peek. With custom attributes supported at the user profile level, these pages can become a single source of truth for your entire team. These custom attributes can be synchronised with any other systems you may be using already.

Org chart

Publish to non-admin users

Easily create & publish org chart to non-admin users. The overall information & decision architecture in the company becomes apparent in one single view. UpRaise supports multi-level team structure via team types. Team types can be anything e.g. Departments, Divisions, Teams

Everything you need to build a winning team

No need to use isolated systems for performance management, UpRaise is natively developed for JIRA.
OKR GoalsTurn your JIRAinto a strategy compassfor your team.
FeedbackRealtime coachingwithin the contextof JIRA.
Review FormsAll kinds ofprocesses managed withform builder.
Enterprise ReadyBuild for teamsof all sizes,totally flexible.