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Help Your Employees Focus on the Work

Let UpRaise People take care of the rest. Manage employee records, leaves, OKRs, feedback, reviews and more with one simple app


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Accelerate Your Business and its Outcomes with Upraise for People

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Align Your Teams and Expedite Results


The unique approach of Upraise People can help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their teams.

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    Maintaining team’s focus is one of the monumental challenges companies face. With Employee Success, we give you just the tools integrated in your daily workflow.

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    As a manager, do you struggle to keep the team morale high? or probably looking for a tool that can help you coach in real-time? You are at the right place.

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    Perception of transparency, is as important as the reality itself. Use Employee Success to imbibe a culture of openness & communication within the entire team.

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    Enable access to information so employees can take informed decisions rather than falling prey to bureaucratic red-tapism.

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    As the size of any organization grows, it gets difficult to keep track of the organizational structure. Garrison helps you contain the chaos.

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    Always make sure work continues uninterrupted in the workplace, irrespective of leaves and holidays. After all, the wheel must keep turning.

How it works

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Objectives & Key Results

Use the famous OKR framework for achieving goals. Enterprise grade flexibility lets Employee Success grow with you as the adoption increases. No operational overheads, thanks to state of the art integrations

Continuous Feedback

Celebrate every small achievement & coach on every possible opportunity, with continuous feedback. Real time, contextual conversations are prerequisites for constructive improvements & a productive team.

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Review Forms

Be it periodic performance reviews or monthly one on ones with direct reports, centralise everything within Employee Success. Context is the king, make use of OKRs & Continuous feedback.

Company Directory

Managing employee records is a breeze. Easily publish user & team profiles, along with the org chart. For the first time ever, Jira becomes truly a centralised place for enhanced collaboration.

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Employee Records

Right from employee designation to their emergency contact details, all information made available at a central place. Attributes that you need with permissions you want, we have you covered.

Leave Management

A detailed view of leave balances, company policies and holiday schedules to ensure transparent leave management process. Reduce lengthy and obsolete processes.

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A consolidated calendar to look at all the events in one glance. Be it leaves, birthdays of individuals or issue due dates, version release dates from Jira – we have you covered.

What our customer are saying


The plugin is exactly what our company needed for rolling out OKRs and Feedback across all teams. Highly recommended.

Dominik Obermaier
What our customer are saying


Very useful and complete tool, great integration with Jira and Confluence and very helpful, quick and professional support team!

Dario Valiant Casilli
What our customer are saying


Very useful and easy to implement plug in. A HR tool, which has very useful combined Tools inside: - objectve cycles, Performance and 360 degree Reviews and continuous Feedback!

Jürgen Bolz
What our customer are saying


Very cool plug in. Great HR tool and easy for employees to keep track of their accomplishments, As someone who hated review time in past jobs, I would love to use this add-on. Upraise team is amazing to work with. They are always available and interested in your ideas to improve the add-on.

Jenifer Kuntz

What our customer are saying


I have seen this in action, and it is really good. It integrates seamlessly with my team's day to day, making continuous feedback a natural step and appraisals, an easy task. I would recommend it to any team that wants to foster internal communication and recognition! Finally, the support from the developer team is wonderful.

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