Only OKR Software Natively Developed for Jira

Integrated seamlessly with daily workflow, the team is focused like never before!

All your team's tasks are in Jira,

Why not short & long term goals ?

Why invest in an OKR tool that works in a silo. With Employee Success, objective alignment & tracking becomes so much effective because its right there in your Jira. Don’t be surprised if OKR are internalized by your team like a school time poem.

Set OKRs

Link them to Jira issues

One can not only set Objectives with Employee Success but also link them with issues in Jira. Automated progress tracking is a piece of cake then. Make more accurate predictions based on the progress contributed by your team members in real-time. Complete audit logs and punch-in details bring along insights about your team’s behaviour.

Streamline processes

Generate actionable reports

Streamlining the processes for adoption of Employee Success is a breeze since it integrates seamlessly with Jira. The data that your team produces is put to good use for generating reports that recommend actions proactively. Next time, support your predictions of success and failure of OKRs with Employee Success.

Everything you need to build a winning team

No need to use isolated systems for performance management, UpRaise is natively developed for JIRA.
OKR GoalsTurn your JIRAinto a strategy compassfor your team.
FeedbackRealtime coachingwithin the contextof JIRA.
Review FormsAll kinds ofprocesses managed withform builder.
Enterprise ReadyBuild for teamsof all sizes,totally flexible.