OKR Goals

Only OKR software natively developed for Jira

Integrated seamlessly with daily workflow, the team is focused like never before !

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How Employee Success can help,
startups and established businesses alike

No need to use isolated systems for performance management, Employee Success is natively developed for Jira.

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    OKR Goals

    Turn your Jira into a treasure trove for your team.

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    Realtime coaching within the context of Jira.

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    Review Forms

    All kinds of processes managed with form builder.

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    Enterprise Ready

    Built for teams of all sizes, totally flexible.

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Set, Track & Achieve OKRs In Jira

Use the famous OKR framework for achieving goals. Enterprise-grade flexibility lets Employee Success grow with you as the adoption increases. No operational overheads, thanks to state of the art integrations

Connect Routine With Bigger Picture

One can not only set Objectives with Employee Success but also link them with issues in Jira. Automated progress tracking is a piece of cake then. Make more accurate predictions based on the progress contributed by your team members in real-time. Jira issues can act as KRs or can be connected to KRs as actions, totally up to you.

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Streamlined & Predictable Processes

Streamlining the processes for adoption of Employee Success is a breeze since it integrates seamlessly with Jira. The data that your team produces is put to good use for generating reports that recommend actions proactively. Next time, support your predictions of success and failure of OKRs with Employee Success.

What our customer are saying

The plugin is exactly what our company needed for rolling out OKRs and Feedback across all teams. Highly recommended.

Dominik Obermaier
What our customer are saying

Very useful and easy to implement plug in. A HR tool, which has very useful combined Tools inside: - objectve cycles, Performance and 360 degree Reviews and continuous Feedback!

Jürgen Bolz
What our customer are saying

Very cool plug in. Great HR tool and easy for employees to keep track of their accomplishments, As someone who hated review time in past jobs, I would love to use this add-on. Upraise team is amazing to work with. They are always available and interested in your ideas to improve the add-on.

Jenifer Kuntz

What our customer are saying

I have seen this in action, and it is really good. It integrates seamlessly with my team's day to day, making continuous feedback a natural step and appraisals, an easy task. I would recommend it to any team that wants to foster internal communication and recognition! Finally, the support from the developer team is wonderful.

NTT Europe