Manage Employee Records with Ease in Jira

Integrated seamlessly with daily workflow, the team is efficient like never before!

All your team's tasks are in Jira,

Why not their profiles ?

Build user profiles that match your processes and needs. Complete flexibility over visibility & editing permissions. Make decisions based on different profile attributes. Increase efficiency through consolidation of business process tools by bringing in HR team to your Jira.

Employee Records

Enhanced with Attributes you need

So what kind of profile attributes are available? You name it & we have you covered. Right from dates to multiple choice attributes, from single line to a paragraph – the versatile profile you create will help the entire company make informed decisions. And given that the complete history is audited, you don’t have a thing to worry about.

Scalable processes

Reporting on any profile attribute

Irrespective of employee profile attributes you use – generate insightful reports. For example- employee demographics, location/department distribution, skills distribution etc. If out of the box reports do not cut it for you, build custom ones. Back your decisions with statistics & data.

Everything you need to build an efficient team

No need to use isolated systems for core HR, Employee Garrison is natively developed for Jira.
Employee RecordsTurn your Jirainto a treasure trovefor your team.
LeavesIntegrate leavetracking within thecontext of Jira.
DocumentsCentralize all youremployee documentsin your Jira.
Enterprise ReadyBuild for teamsof all sizes,totally flexible.