Getting Started With OKRs

As Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) have started to gain popularity, we notice that more and more HR leaders, project managers, team leaders want to try and implement them at the companies they work for. However, there’s a problem: it’s difficult to know how to get started if you have never used OKRs before. We created this guide for people who are new to OKRs to provide a good starting point for implementing the OKRprocess at their companies.You can predictgrowth by using OKRs to convert your strategic "whats" into "hows".


Learn about

  • tickObjectives of OKRs
  • tickThe RIGHT OKR Cadence
  • tick Benefits and how can predictable growth by using OKRs
  • tick Pitfalls in the OKRs work
  • tick OKR Success Stories
  • tick About UpRaise

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