Future belongs to those who
Re-architect work

Revisiting the definition of 'work' is essential, when it can happen from anywhere.

Future belongs to those who Re-architect work

Revisiting the definition of 'work' is essential, when it can happen from anywhere.

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Younger workforce, newer needs

Work, as we know it, is changing. With the current global crisis catalysing the transition, changes in talent pool, engagement models, cognitive tools and other spheres are seeing seismic shifts in how organizations perform and excel. Work From Anywhere (WFX) is creating the rise of the ‘augmented workforce’ with Gen Z forming a significant part of it. This new school of employees want to be known for what makes them unique, according to a Gallup research. Supporting their desire to grow as a professional and a person, calls for organizations to Re-architect work to adapt and learn for future growth.

3 pillars of Re-architect Work

The principles behind Re-architect Work are simple: the aim is to align personal and organizational goals, and to map each employee to a personalised goal. Communicating expectations in terms of key results is important too, so that the goals have a logical end. These can be condensed into three pillars:

  • Engage

    Build aspiration to excel together as a team

  • Perform

    Achieve the goals set for themselves as well as their teams

  • Grow

    Collaborate with teams better to help grow together

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What does Re-architect Work mean for businesses?

Communication and engagement are the key factors where businesses have to pay attention. The act of re-architecting work enables employees to see the goals of the organization and their personal contribution towards the same. This calls for a shift from formal business communication of earlier generations to more instant, messaging apps styled communication, which can be achieved by adopting new platforms. These platforms enable employees to amplify their engagement for better advancement opportunities in the new WFX world. This need for communication and the culture it defines, hasn’t escaped the eyes of leaders: 41 percent of CEOs feel that workplace culture would make the greatest impact in terms of attracting and retaining talent, in a recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
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Why UpRaise to Re-architect Work?

UpRaise is the only context aware, full stack app that seamlessly integrates with daily workflows of software development teams. Its “Re-architect Work” principle guides teams towards excellence through improved overall efficiency of people operations, better alignment to organization’s larger goals, increased engagement and improved transparency.

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