Achievements unlocked with continuous feedback

By on September 27, 2023


Software and IT development




The partner organization did its own homework and started the evaluation of UpRaise.


UpRaise for Employee Success features 'Business Units'.

Version Used


A software and IT development team of a world-renowned facilities services provider was facing issues with their employee recognition and coaching. While they were already using Jira for their project management, a different siloed platform was being used for the recognition and coaching aspects - Which had lower adoption rates than what the organization was aiming for.


Tackling the problem head-on 

The partner organization did its own homework and started the evaluation of UpRaise for Employee Success. The evaluation period went smoothly, and the UpRaise team was not contacted for any kind of support. After partnering with UpRaise, they addressed a few issues they weren’t able to handle efficiently yet.


Finding the best way out

continuous feedback is one of the key differentiators between other OKR tools on the Atlassian marketplace UpRaise for Employee Success. This functionality in the app offers organizations the ability to collect request contextual feedback. This feedback can be of various types - ranging from Jira issues to OKRs, and even independent work. This feature impressed the partner organization, which immediately green-lit adoption. The number of users of the app has been consistently increasing since, indicating a healthy understanding and utilization.

Learnings on the job

By linking feedback to Jira tasks or OKRs, organizations can offer invaluable context to everyone involved. UpRaise for Employee Success provides the option so that teams can focus on the task at hand instead of trying to understand the framework.