An AI on a $20,000 per year advantage

By on September 27, 2023


Artificial Intelligence




Having two business units that operate separately for all matters and purposes.


UpRaise for Employee Success features 'Business units'.

Version Used


Artificial Intelligence is making its way into previously unforeseen areas, and the way is being led by high-energy start-ups. One such player from Croatia that automates material handling solutions for manufacturers, raised their seed funding & were planning for rapid expansion. The growth, while great, was putting an undue burden on the managers. Taking care of the newly enlarged teams had become difficult, and the previously nimble start-up culture was slowly dissolving. This led to a search for an integrated tool that offered the managers an easy way to connect with individual contributors while allowing top management to communicate the quarterly goals of the organization.


Combing through the conditions 

What the partner organization was looking for, i.e., an integrated approach to employee feedback, goal setting & performance reviews is a key part of UpRaise for Employee Success. Also, the fact that the app is natively developed for Jira scored highly with the partner organization, since a majority of their work was already on the Atlassian stack.


Implementing the intelligence 

The shift to UpRaise for Employee Success was smooth, as the partner organization really identified with the idea of the tool. The HR team of the partner organization was also brought in to use the app’s ‘Review forms’ module in addition to Continuous feedback & OKRs. The adoption process has impacted the members of the organization positively.


Gathering the returns 

By using UpRaise for Employee Success, the partner organization saved at least US $20000 per year, when compared with other standalone solution options available to them.

Learnings on the job

Allowing employees to configure their work around as few apps as possible is essential, as it lets teams break away from the silos and centralize everything around those tools. For organizations where Jira is one of those tools, integrating employee performance management into the workflow with UpRaise for Employee Success, can help in a clearer, and simplified, view of the health of the projects.