OKR gains holding sway

By on September 27, 2023






Having two business units that operate separately for all matters and purposes.


UpRaise for Employees Success features 'Business Units'.

Version Used


A Pension fund based out of Canada, intent on adopting OKRs in their organization, had a unique challenge: They had two different departments/business functions that operated almost independently, but were still part of the same organization – obviously, the OKR tool they would adopt should have some way to factor this in. This quest made them approach the UpRaise customer success team for a demo.


Understanding the market 

Having two business units that operate separately for all matters and purposes, but still have common tasks – can turn into a nightmare to manage. But thankfully many enterprise teams already trust UpRaise for Employee Success to address their OKR use cases – and this issue of multiple autonomous branches was already raised before.


Investing in a solution 

UpRaise for Employee Success features ‘Business Units’, which help OKR champions separate independent business functions completely. This is achievable with a few additional configuration changes. This change in architecture is fairly simple and easy to execute, and UpRaise’s customer success team demonstrated this solution to the partner organization to get buy-in from their internal stakeholders.

Learnings on the job

While looking for a solution that essentially adds to the workload of the team, it is prudent to find a partner or solution that has a proven history. UpRaise for Employee Success is on the Atlassian marketplace for 6+ years and is used by 500+ organizations across the world, and this experience comes with a knowledge of how to handle a wide range of issues and roadblocks. Because of the constant iterative development structure, UpRaise for Employee Success has features that cater to different sizes of teams all across the world.