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450+ performance review phrases – The Complete List

By on June 19, 2018

450+ handy performance review phrases sorted by functions

Performance reviews are meant to be unique and tailored for each individual. That is how they can be most effective. Generic (& meaningless) rhetoric does not lead to any performance improvements.

Having said that, the competencies for which the individuals are measured tend to be similar to an extent. Mind you though, the similarities are only ‘up to an extent’. Each position requires its unique set of interpersonal skills that can never be generalised. Additionally, company & team values could also be included in the list of competencies by some organisations.

What exactly is performance review?

Performance review process helps employees understand the areas they excel in and the areas they need to improve at, while allowing organizations to enable their teams to move closer towards their vision. From a manager’s point of view, it can be difficult to not repeat phrases to more than one individual about the same competency. This may result in team members getting an impression that all performance reviews are generic and the same things are said to pretty much everyone. Thus, despite carrying out performance reviews in a very careful manner, a few repetitive sentences here and there could damage the credibility of the entire process.

How to write a performance review for an employee?

When it comes to performance reviews, managers and employees need to be careful not to use overly harsh words. With some help from relevant department’s performance review phrases, a performance review document can be prepared.

To begin with, managers shall consider the positives brought by the employee in the team. Their ability and desire to learn new technologies is also important, and there are two ways of giving feedback – the positive and the negative, which can be mixed and matched as per the situation. The appropriate sentences to mention the feelings in both ways can be found above. ‘Needs improvement’ performance reviews are difficult, because of the amount of criticism involved. In such cases, using the relevant negative feedback phrases can help, and sandwiching it between two positive statements can soften the blow. The chances of constructive feedback being taken positively are high in such cases.

How to write a positive performance review?

Positives are the easiest performance reviews to write for managers because it involves listing the highlights of the project, or the employee’s work. Not getting carried away is one of the rules of writing positive performance reviews – but too much tempering can dampen the spirits of the team members too. Good leaders manage to find the right balance (and they reach there by trial and error).

How to write a negative performance review?

Penning a negative performance review can both be the easiest and the most difficult of the tasks. Easy, because it involves listing failures. Difficult because the failure needs to be reviewed – and the manager coming up with it feels responsible somewhere.

That’s why good performance reviews should have enough positive and constructive criticism in it, the constructive part being more in negative performance reviews. As long as the reviews contain honest discussions of the effort and their assessment, while providing ways to get out of it – the end result should be a win-win for all parties involved.

What do you write in a performance review?

While the art of performance appraisal is universal, the way it is written down can vary depending upon the departments. In this article, we have consolidated about 450+ positive & negative phrases that could be handy. These phrases should serve you as a reference when doing the performance reviews. Word of caution though, they should only serve as a guidance. If the relevant context is not added, the review would not yield expected results.

1. Marketing

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Employee achieved phenomenal growth with number of visitors on website in a short duration
  2. Established key marketing metrics to effectively measure the efforts of content published on website
  3. Exceeded original target of X number of visitors by Y% increasing quality and quantity of content on website
  4. Employee effectively measured the impact of X on branding of company
  5. Introduced innovative tactics for sales promotion resulting in X% reduction in advertising cost
  6. Is highly responsible and makes sure completes (list of tasks)
  7. X has a go-getter attitude making him/her highly valuable for the entire team
  8. Increased number of MQLs per week by X% during (period)
  9. Always takes care to improve core Marketing competencies by leveraging HubSpot, Simplilearn, etc
  10. Is able to conjure imaginative solutions to challenges faced by team
  11. Is able to empathize with customers/prospects and understand their grievances before taking any drastic step
  12. Level headed thinking helps ‘X’ take faster and better decisions
  13. Is highly dependable and delivers close to 100% on every responsibility that he/she undertakes
  14. Rarely waits for others to tell him/her what needs to be done to achieve end results
  15. X clearly communicates the requirements, and is always able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture before undertaking any initiative
  16. Able to deal with stressful situations and handle each task as decided
  17. Employee has developed a team-oriented approach among all the employees
  18. Highly capable at identifying and rewarding exemplary performance by teammates/subordinates
  19. X conducts careful research and is well prepared before meetings
  20. Despite facing backlash for decrease in MQLs provided in (period), continued efforts to improve website with higher intensity
  21. Maintains effective communication with clients/customers/teammates when they face technical problems
  22. X has his/her sights on a clear vision and takes steps accordingly to reach there
  23. Always one step ahead of the game when it comes to technical expertise

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Lacks understanding of buyer persona which leads to incorrect messaging for target audience
  2. Falls behind schedule to achieve targets of providing quality leads to Sales
  3. Employee takes decisions without analyzing historical data which leads to poor campaign management
  4. Lacks patience, abandons initiatives midway when results do not show (such as weekly newsletter)
  5. Reluctance to upskill and gain marketing expertise has led to performance stagnation
  6. Lack of commitment often results in (list of tasks) being revised multiple number of times
  7. Needs to improve analytical skills to make sense of data being collected from multiple sources (Analytics, Email campaign, etc.)
  8. Great presentation skills but usually presents incorrect information due to lack of (list of products/services) understanding, due to which clients get confused
  9. Tends to stray away from actual point of conversation during (meetings/presentations/demos)
  10. Is unable to overcome client objections, that led to 30% drop in sales
  11. Lacks commitment to ensure new ideas and initiatives are completed within time
  12. Assumes that teammates/subordinates have required interpersonal skills to fulfil certain responsibilities without checking with them
  13. Employees’ poor knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Netinsight, WebTrends.
  14. Has been known to engage in unethical behavior with vendors to increase profits
  15. Takes a lot of time to develop relationships with others and prospects, leading to lower conversion rate of prospects to customers
  16. Relies more on manual work than technological advancement to document information being collected
  17. Openly criticizes others for not following traditional marketing tactics
  18. Lacks preparation before presentations leading to poor demonstrations with customers / prospects
  19. Organization is done more according to personal choices rather than any effective performance procedure
  20. Planning marketing goals at the last minute leads to inaccurate or faulty planning and unrealistic expectations from team
  21. Goal setting skills are non-existent so rarely any chance of reaching end results
  22. Is not willing to help others set their goals and align them with overall objectives
  23. Provides poorly researched and often incomplete content on due date just to obtain points for timeliness
  24. Does not follow company protocol when it comes to adhering to marketing standards set by management

2. Engineering

Positive performance appraisal phrases – examples

  1. Is constantly coming up with innovative approaches to reduce time required for completion of the job (list of tasks)
  2. Consistently learns new skills and uses them to improve performance and provide suggestions for betterment of the job (list of tasks)
  3. Champion problem solving capabilities. Good time management skills, can be relied on when projects have a hard deadline
  4. Goes the extra mile to ensure technical issues are resolved within time. Stay calm under pressure.
  5. Employees manage all technical challenges systematically and notes down guidelines for future scenarios
  6. Takes utmost care to meet cost standards by preparing cost-benefit analyses, tracking and reporting expenses
  7. Never displays a negative attitude despite being overwhelmed at times. Helps teams develop relationships with others.
  8. Surpassed engineering and organization mission by achieving X% over Y during (period)
  9. Helps network support staff to identify and take care of network bugs, and design network expansions
  10. Demonstrated ability to proactively offer technical support to the executive staff for internal network functions and any Internet-enabled applications
  11. In case of disputes among teammates, provides rational inputs effectively without favoring any one side
  12. X’s decision making skill is unparalleled in the entire department
  13. Employees can always be relied upon to protect operations by keeping information confidential.
  14. X is a goal oriented person and always tries to find creative ways to meet goals of the job
  15. X has an imaginative mind and comes up with innovation solutions whenever necessary
  16. Is able to quickly develop plan for identifying and isolating hardware defects
  17. Never disappoints and meets the needs of the organization by designing support peripherals whenever required
  18. Supports teammates/subordinates when they need to take calculated risks
  19. Has leveraged many groups to create a strong network of like-minded individuals
  20. Keeps himself/herself focused on achieving the end goals despite few deviations
  21. Keeps managers/employees updated by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.
  22. Aligns personal and professional goals efficiently and strives to achieve both
  23. Demonstrates exemplary technical knowledge and expertise as compared to peers

Negative performance appraisal phrases – examples

  1. Lacks latest/new technical knowledge and is unable to contribute during brainstorming
  2. Employees are unable to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications
  3. Not able to comprehend directions leading to mismatch between expectations and result
  4. Lacks knowledge about state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques, and computing equipment to take on challenging projects
  5. Provides temporary solutions for the job that have created long term problems
  6. Needs to improve observation and interpersonal skills. Pay more attention to finer details of the job
  7. Low understanding of (list of tasks) due to poor analytical skills on the job
  8. Has difficulty articulating content due to poor understanding of (list of products/services)
  9. Communication is good but needs to approach (recipients) tactfully without offending anyone
  10. Lacks confidence to speak in large groups or anyone with higher authority
  11. Does not follow up on tasks according to project schedule
  12. Cannot keep to his/her words when the situation demands it
  13. Delegates entire workload in one go and expects teammates/subordinates to finish it within unrealistic timelines
  14. Has faced several disciplinary hearings with the HR department
  15. Finds it difficult to work closely with network support staff to identify and take care of network bugs
  16. Does not know how and what to communicate to team members and direct reports leading to ambiguous instructions
  17. Is unable to understand changing technology and instructions – or company culture
  18. Is not open minded when it comes to listening to constructive criticism
  19. Always looks to negotiate on own terms leading to win-loss situation
  20. Spends considerable amount of time retrieving simple information that should ideally take only a few minutes
  21. Anticipate needs for replacement of hardware but fails to submit orders
  22. Resists asking for advice when faced with challenges, thus wasting precious amount of time
  23. Is reluctant to work in a team and seeks independent assignments
  24. Uses fake information to prove own point

3. Sales

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Exceeded expectations by X% of target during (period)
  2. Has ability to quickly identify and grasp prospects’ pain-points and providing them with the right solutions
  3. Consistently meets sales targets and sets higher goals for himself/herself
  4. Thorough reporting in CRM helps team members quickly identify status of sales funnel
  5. Is most sought after sales person to handle difficult clients
  6. Owns all responsibilities that come his/her way and ensures on-time delivery
  7. X’s attitude has endeared him/her to the entire team and made him/her a highly sought after teammate
  8. Challenged traditional manner of working and introduced new approach to (list of tasks) thus efficiently reducing time taken to complete them
  9. Shows initiative in understanding new skills and techniques
  10. Created a list of must-do tasks while negotiating with customers to increase performance levels by X%
  11. Is able to take quick decisions about discount rates or special pricing plans to close sales
  12. Takes decisions based entirely on objective observations and avoids any biases
  13. Maintains high energy and performance levels making him a consistent achiever
  14. Is never complacent with performance and seeks to improve his/her performance levels
  15. X is the go-to person to have a fresh look at a long standing challenge in the workplace
  16. Highly flexible when it comes to meeting goals and objectives
  17. Encourages everyone to develop a winning attitude
  18. Collaborates with teammates/subordinates to project sales and determine the profitability of products and services
  19. Is always well dressed and presentable to make a good first impression
  20. Carefully monitors customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts
  21. Can effectively handle most objections and provide sustainable solutions
  22. Has clearly established checkpoints for short term and long term career development goals
  23. Can quickly adapt to newer technologies as well as help others understand them

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Lacks confidence to plan and coordinate training programs for sales staff
  2. Very liberal with discounting during negotiations, leading to lower margins
  3. Shows no willingness to improve negotiation/presentation skills
  4. Has failed to meet sales targets on numerous occasions thereby decreasing allotted quota of entire team
  5. Highly argumentative. Prospects have left negotiations midway due to poor attitude
  6. Is not efficient at assigning sales territories and setting sales quotas for himself/herself and team members
  7. Avoids tasks that require analyzing sales statistics
  8. Needs to understand (list of products/services) before undertaking any activity
  9. Communication is good but needs to approach (recipients) tactfully without offending anyone
  10. Frequently presents unrealistic sales forecasts, revenue and expenses report to management
  11. Offered assistance for project ‘Y’ but backed off when the time came to help
  12. Doesn’t trust teammates/subordinates enough to delegate important responsibilities of the job to them
  13. Fails to identify emerging markets or market shifts and loses out on valuable opportunity
  14. Does not consider integrity to be as important part of the job as it actually should
  15. Lacks patience to deal with stressful negotiations, often ending up arguing with customers/prospects
  16. Rarely takes it upon himself/herself to design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base
  17. Has difficulty comprehending what the other person is trying to say
  18. Is not able to put forth own expectations or opinions in an assertive manner and often comes across as aggressive
  19. Abysmal organization skills have led to loss of information on three separate occasions
  20. Does not monitor progress of sales for prolonged periods of time
  21. Does not deliver on outcomes as promised in the first stage
  22. Lacks business acumen to drive sales from plan to close stage
  23. Takes credits for efforts taken by others

4. Customer Support

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Able to efficiently handle X% more customer request volume as compared to standard expectations
  2. Consistently X% more average number of replies per request in a day
  3. Quickest resolution rate enable X to handle more volumes as compared to teammates
  4. Regularly rated >7 out of 10 in customer support feedback
  5. Assists teammates when they are loaded with higher volumes without compromising on their own targets. Exceeds expectations
  6. Is genuinely interested in identifying and implementing strategies to improve quality of the job, productivity and profitability
  7. Always up for identifying and addressing staff training and coaching needs
  8. Reduced errors in handling customer grievances by implementing efficient checklist for all team members and direct reports
  9. Never fails to monitor accuracy of reporting and database information
  10. Regularly experiments on existing processes using relevant technology trends and applications to improve productivity
  11. Highly approachable by employees from every level of the organization
  12. X’s sound decisions have helped teammates avoid problems that could affect their productivity
  13. Puts in extra hours to ensure the necessary resources and tools are available for quality customer service delivery
  14. Always willing to liaise with company management to support and implement growth strategies
  15. Constantly searches for new ideas and ways to improve efficiency and shorten the time duration required to complete jobs
  16. Helps others to coordinate and manage customer service projects and initiatives
  17. Ensures every team member efficiently tracks customer complaint resolution
  18. Ensures each employee as well as himself/herself is held accountable for their responsibilities
  19. Highly professional when dealing with clients, irrespective of their designations
  20. Does not give up upon failure but instead looks for other ways to achieve success
  21. Often called upon by teammates for advice about potential obstacles
  22. Shows great willingness to ensure his/her goals are achieved successfully
  23. Shows willingness to improve technical expertise on a consistent basis

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Poor support has led to being rated < 3 out of 10 on more than 5 occasions in 1 month
  2. Does not understand the problem that customer is trying to present
  3. Not patient while dealing with customers as evidenced by analysis of recorded calls on the job
  4. Less than average capacity (Actual – 8 ; minimum target – 12) of handling customer support requests
  5. Takes 20% more amount of time to handle simple queries
  6. Only 25% instances per month of providing error-free work
  7. Incorrect data analysis has led to poor decision making in 3 out of 5 instances
  8. Does not take efforts to develop conceptual clarity about (list of products/services)
  9. Needs to significantly improve communication skills on the job
  10. 8 customers complained about X’s attitude and unwillingness to listen
  11. Always up for a new challenge, but abandons it midway when the going gets tough
  12. Overwhelmed due to large number of responsibilities but cannot delegate when required
  13. Comes in late to team meetings and disturbs others when they are in the midst of important work
  14. Lack of integrity noticed on 3 separate incidents in one month
  15. Has a dominating personality and not open to listening to customer’s views and opinions
  16. Has difficulty accepting limitations of own performance and skills during performance assessments
  17. Poor body language dissuades others from maintaining a conversation
  18. Interrupts others consistently leading to problems in negotiations
  19. Lack of organizational skills have led to loss of important information
  20. Finds it difficult to maintain productivity levels and deviates at the first opportunity
  21. Repeats same mistakes over and over leading to delay in completion of tasks
  22. Does not listen to teammates opinions and talks over them
  23. Has been rated poorly by teammates and is considered untrustworthy and unreliable in the organization

5. Human Resources

Positive employee performance appraisal phrases – examples

  1. Displays a genuine interest in understanding employee grievances
  2. Provides fair guidance to all those who approach him/her
  3. Has created an efficient and systematic database to extract information at a moment’s notice
  4. X has introduced (list of initiatives) that have led to X% increase in employee engagement levels
  5. X reinvented HR policies that have led to X% decrease in attrition levels
  6. Goes the extra mile whenever necessary to improve employee engagement levels and create a welcoming work environment
  7. Has a positive disposition yet makes it clear when he/she is overburdened with responsibilities
  8. Consistently performs at optimum levels and ensures individual queries (tax, leaves, compensations, etc) are resolved
  9. Highly proactive at providing feedback to employees whenever needed
  10. Never hesitates to look for alternative approaches to problems
  11. Has reduced turnover by 20% after introducing employee-friendly policies
  12. Capable of conducting employee performance reviews based on analytics as opposed to subjective decisions
  13. Introduced new team building exercises to increase collaboration by 10% in the organization
  14. Needs minimal supervision and yet achieves complete payroll compliance with greater accuracy
  15. Is known to challenge the ‘we have done it this way’ phrase and come up with better solutions
  16. Is calm and composed irrespective when dealing with complaints irrespective of the designation/level of the accused
  17. Has provided training and development to a team of mediocre performers to achieve 15% better results within 3 months
  18. Provides necessary guidance and help in case of personal emergencies
  19. Carefully balances listening and speaking time to ensure both parties are thoroughly familiar with each other
  20. Welcomes changes rather than oppose them and introduces them in the workplace
  21. Keeps a level head when representing company as its spokesperson
  22. Always sets challenging goals for himself/herself and strives to achieve them
  23. Is able to comprehend how to follow a complex set of instructions even in stressful situations

Negative employee performance appraisal phrases – examples

  1. Large number of employees have complained about X’s unfair and biased practices
  2. “All complaints have fallen on deaf ears” is the most common feedback received through anonymous feedback
  3. Lack of coordination between team members has led to candidates leaving recruitment procedures
  4. Unorganized employee information makes it difficult to obtain information in a timely manner
  5. High amount of resources have been wasted behind unsuccessful employee engagement initiatives (list of activities)
  6. Often misses out on minor errors which appear due to lack of revisions
  7. Faces difficulty in correctly analyzing data when presented with a large amount
  8. Lack of understanding about (list of products/services) prevents X from establishing a rapport with prospects
  9. Finds it difficult to convey message effectively
  10. Lacks the ability to understand employee needs and takes 60% more time on average
  11. Displays a genuine interest, but lacks commitment to fulfill the responsibility
  12. Hoards responsibilities close to his/her own chest and does not delegate work among others
  13. Does not conduct himself/herself in a disciplinary manner while preaching others
  14. Lacks good interpersonal skills and behaves irrationally most of the times
  15. Favors quicker results over integrity
  16. Takes a long amount of time to inculcate innovating engagement practices in the workplace
  17. Focuses more on speaking rather than listening during employee performance reviews
  18. Unwillingness to compromise during salary negotiations has led to good candidates leaving the process
  19. Focuses more on organizing everything rather than actually getting the job done
  20. Sets unrealistic expectations leading to over-commitment and under-delivery
  21. Has little patience to deal with obstacles
  22. Argues aggressively when teammates do not listen to what he/she has to say
  23. Hardly pays attention to any rules and regulations in the workplace

6. Finance

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Regularly upgrades knowledge as per changing rules and regulations of the Government
  2. Highest number of instances where accurate financial reports were generated within specific deadlines
  3. X is a high performer and actively contributes to formulating strategic and long-term business plans
  4. Pays attention to smallest of details while liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out efficiently
  5. Always the first one to keep abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation
  6. Has a strong acumen for producing accurate financial reports
  7. Has improved the quality of decision making by carefully analyzing and presenting (list of tasks) information
  8. X is perceived as the go-to person when conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities
  9. Capable at analyzing market trends and competitors and explaining them quickly to even a layman
  10. Handles all customer queries even after sales to provide a rich customer experience
  11. Ensures all financial information is collected, interpreted and reviewed during the specified time limit
  12. Is proficient at delegating the right task to the right individual at the right time and getting expected results
  13. Brings in a sense of discipline and sets high standards for other teammates/subordinates
  14. Leads by example when it comes to being up to date with technological advances and accounting software to be used for financial purposes
  15. When faced with a conflict, disagrees respectfully and presents facts in a logical manner
  16. Acknowledges limitations and takes efforts to overcome them at the earliest
  17. Encourages others to speak without interrupting them continuously
  18. Overcomes objections effectively leading to successful negotiation of deals
  19. Helps teammates/subordinates get organized and simplify their work, removing all clutter
  20. Helps others in planning their activities
  21. Takes help whenever necessary to ensure work is completed on time
  22. Quick to track the company’s financial status and performance to identify fresh ideas and areas for potential improvement
  23. Gives credit to teammates whenever appropriate

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Has a difficult time processing and analyzing financial information
  2. Does not seek help when needed which leads to delays and inaccurate processing of information
  3. Takes on more than capacity and avoids delegating work to get it done quickly
  4. Focus more on menial tasks rather than producing financial reports related to budgets, account payables & receivables, etc.
  5. Has not learnt any new financial models that can help him/her increase their contribution
  6. Needs to be more thorough while analyzing market trends and competitors
  7. Tends to buckle under pressure when faced with numerous complex transactions
  8. Has had difficulty presenting financial reports to board members, stakeholders, executives, and clients in formal meetings on more than one occasion
  9. Needs to update knowledge about upcoming technological advancements in finance and accounting software
  10. Does not display the willingness to ‘think-out-of-the-box’
  11. Inability to provide insightful information has led to senior executives take longer amount of time to form long term plans
  12. Lacks basic decision making skills and relies on others to take decisions on his/her behalf
  13. Makes extravagant claims but fails to back up with research and statistics
  14. Always needs to be supervised while reviewing, monitoring and managing budgets
  15. Lacks the ingenuity to change directions when the team requires it most
  16. Has managed to ruffle quite a few feathers while trying to get work done by others
  17. Focuses more on the end result than on fostering teamwork
  18. Holds too many team meetings (of longer duration) that end up reducing productivity of employees
  19. Poor interpretation of market trends has led to increase in financial risks
  20. Does not set goals or objectives that could help him/her increase own contribution
  21. Easily overwhelmed when faced with multiple problems at the same time
  22. Sets personal goals that are in direct contradiction to professional goals
  23. Drastically behind teammates with respect to technical expertise

7. Operations

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Responsibly coordinates activities that affect operations decisions and business requirements
  2. Highly efficient at planning, scheduling and reviewing workload and manpower availability
  3. Provides guidance to employees when the situation demands it
  4. Systematic approach of planning, scheduling, and reviewing workload and manpower enables team to maintain productivity
  5. Increases workplace morale and productivity through effective facilitation of activities
  6. Reduced errors in (list of tasks) as a result of thorough analysis of historical information
  7. Excels at analyzing data retrieved from (lists of tasks) and providing actionable solutions
  8. Expert at delivering presentations about (list of products/services) due to conceptual clarity
  9. Communicates the (message/company policies) clearly without offending anyone
  10. Always achieves more than 7/10 NPS
  11. If ‘X’ commits to any activity, he/she makes sure that activity is taken to its desired end
  12. Sets up a timeline after discussing with team and follows up at specific checkpoints
  13. Maintains high self-discipline and does not rely on policies to conduct himself/herself
  14. Has never been known to proactively communicate any changes in the order or delivery date to relevant parties
  15. Has a good sense of humor and makes sure the work environment is positive
  16. Embraces change and adapts to new skills quickly to ensure smooth work
  17. Correct body language and gestures help the team and other person relax and speak what they have in mind
  18. Is able to decide when he/she should walk away from a negotiation during purchase of materials and services required for production
  19. Organized projects and tasks in order of their importance and ensures that work is completed on priority
  20. Involves teammates/subordinates in the planning process, thereby increasing trust in the team
  21. Leverages the right tools and technologies to ensure the end result is of the highest quality
  22. Has established a good rapport with all team members and direct reports and can bring them together to work in collaboration
  23. Contributes towards improvement of work policies and removing orthodox ones

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Cannot comprehend impact of poor planning and scheduling of resources on a larger scale
  2. Repeatedly failed to carefully organize and allocate manpower leading to lower productivity
  3. Is rigid and sticks to traditional systems of data collection rather than experiment with new ones
  4. Needs to work on planning and organizing skills before undertaking (list of tasks)
  5. Tends to blame others when health and safety regulations are not followed effectively
  6. Is unable to complete set of activities owned by him/her such as consistently monitoring of production schedules
  7. Is highly comfortable with existing set of responsibilities and does not want to get out of comfort zone
  8. Intent to provide perfect solutions often ends up delaying (list of tasks) significantly, affecting overall team productivity
  9. Does not help others develop their skills or provide guidance to employees
  10. Has a strong analytical mind but lacks creativity while resolving problems and complaints
  11. Employee turnover has increased by 35% due to poor allocation of resources
  12. Relies more on ‘gut feeling’ rather than objective approach required for forecasting and budgeting of resources
  13. Promises deadlines will be met but always delivers later that deadline
  14. Continues to neglect newer opportunities for improving customer experience
  15. Performs activities in the same monotonous manner despite being given the freedom to innovate
  16. Is not flexible enough to handle any change in situations
  17. Finds it difficult to take decisions in stressful situations such as coordinating activities that affect operational decisions
  18. Focuses more on self-development rather than teammates/subordinates
  19. Fails to follow up with important contacts established during networking events
  20. X is not confident about own abilities and shies away from taking up any challenge
  21. Finds it difficult to analyze any problem objectively
  22. Too ambitious goals and no plan on how to achieve these goals
  23. Does not understand how to follow a set of instructions

8. Product Design

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Never loses sight of time constraints and delivers designs as planned
  2. Always displays can-do attitude when faced with any challenging assignment
  3. Avoids traditional approaches and seeks innovative solutions to prepare product design specification and integration documents
  4. Can better visualize the end result, making it easy for him/her to create prototypes of design
  5. Consistently improves skills to ensure designs are not only functional but also easy to use
  6. Nothing escapes X’s watchful eye as he/she pays great attention to detail while designing and building products
  7. Has the potential to spot hidden patterns that are missed by average individuals
  8. Has displayed strong understanding of benefits of all the features of (list of products/services) which enable X to address pain points of end customers
  9. Excels at leading a discussion towards the desired outcome for an effective product design
  10. Tactfully answers all objections raised by team about design specifications
  11. Displays willingness to embrace accountability and make new mistakes to grow consistently
  12. Encourages others to utilize his/her own ways and create innovative designs, in order to build trust
  13. Regularly helps others understand policies and how to maintain it
  14. Determines the most effective ways to follow agile methodologies and ensures others follow them too
  15. Has a handle on emotions when dealing with stressful situations and tight deadlines
  16. Quickly understands how to navigate through complex design architecture and achieve the end result
  17. Does not offer judgment but rather a constructive criticism for improving drawbacks in existing specifications
  18. Always asks questions to ensure everyone involved is on the same page
  19. Brought order to a chaotic team/department by introducing agile methodology and implementing it successfully
  20. Is always prepared for any contingencies with a backup plan
  21. Takes responsibility to overcome challenges and makes sure his/her word is fulfilled
  22. Participates actively in all team discussions and contributes ideas assertively
  23. Pays attention to work policies and follows them diligently

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Struggles to meet basic design standards set by manager/team
  2. Failure to comprehend instructions leads to mismatch of expected design and final outcome
  3. Hesitates to learn new design tools and software that could be essential to improve performance
  4. Poor quality of work leads to increased workload for other teammates
  5. Never able to deliver on-time leading to dissatisfied clients
  6. Bites off more than he/she can chew which leads to delay in completion of (list of tasks)
  7. Often blames others when specifications of a product are not met
  8. Reduced productivity by Y% due to lack of commitment towards (list of tasks)
  9. Has difficulty in analyzing what are his/her missing skills
  10. Always focusing on being practical, where sometimes creativity is also required
  11. Is often biased towards one tool and neglects using advanced techniques that could reduce time required for task completion
  12. Focus on short term implications when taking decisions, while ignoring long term impact
  13. Handles projects extraordinarily at the start but loses enthusiasm midway leading to shoddy work at the end
  14. Stays in comfort zone more than necessary
  15. Has rarely shown any artistic flair in his/her entire tenure
  16. Has failed to adapt to changing environments and upcoming technologies
  17. Has a more autocratic approach towards getting work done by teammates
  18. Preaches about bring innovation in design but does not lead by example
  19. Does not maintain records of versions changed from the product design’s start to its most recent stage
  20. Avoids taking tasks that require long term commitment
  21. Takes a long amount of time to provide any solution by which time the problem reaches its critical stage
  22. Focused solely on self-improvement and often neglects helping teammates
  23. Cannot adapt to newer technologies which make him/her take long amount of time to complete basis activities

9. Research and Development

Positive performance review phrases – examples

  1. Has a flair for coming up with ground breaking ideas for (list of products/services)
  2. Thinks of the problem before trying to coming up with random solution
  3. Has thorough understanding of the target market’s needs
  4. Leverages advanced technology to ensure best (list of products/services) are developed
  5. Coordinates with everyone and gets multiple creative ideas before finalizing one
  6. Is highly efficient at assessing the benefits and monitoring the costs and effectiveness of research and development activities
  7. Ability to comprehend and interpret large amount of data with minimum supervision
  8. Deep knowledge about (list of products/services) enables X to provide guidance on research and development options available to the organisation
  9. Ability to direct any deviation from original idea back on track
  10. Thorough understanding of customer needs helps in determining and recommending product usage information
  11. Follows through on all commitments irrespective of the challenges involved
  12. Delegates tasks to the lowest level of the organization without any biases
  13. Has suggested valuable points for preparing yield computation including product costings
  14. Has helped increase compliance with safety and maintenance regulations by providing guidelines for maintaining equipment and lab infrastructure in optimal working conditions
  15. X is respectful of others opinions yet assertively expresses the right solutions whenever required
  16. Is able to quickly grasp the finer nuances of complicated activities by drawing upon basic scientific knowledge
  17. Has been proven to be a great listener when engaged in conversations
  18. Makes sure everything is clarified in case of ambiguous terms and conditions
  19. Adopts a systematic and methodical approach towards all work
  20. X establishes a clear set of guidelines to ensure the task is efficiently completed well within time
  21. Brainstorms multiple solutions with teammates/subordinates until an efficient solution is developed
  22. Encourages team members and direct reports to come up with creative ideas and experiments with them as well
  23. Is known throughout the company for preparing competitive monitoring report and providing necessary recommendations

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Lack of coordination among other team members has led to redundant work
  2. Does not utilize modern technologies or equipment to improve performance of (list of products/services)
  3. Incorrect research methods have led to poor data collection
  4. Does not look to innovate unless specifically asked
  5. Hoards information that can be useful to others as well. fearing competition
  6. Needs repeated reminders to make sure technical reports/ presentations for various R&D activities to R&D Manager are ready
  7. Refrains from seeking complex problems due to fear of failure
  8. Lacks basic scientific knowledge to grow in the current position
  9. Sabotages teammates work when they display higher level of skills
  10. Tends to approach peers/managers and employees for support rather than coming up with unique solutions
  11. Lack of willingness to follow standard communication and training materials and relies more on instinct
  12. Takes decisions that favor him/her work but not necessarily the entire team
  13. Expects perfectionism from teammates/subordinates but not from himself/herself
  14. Thinks inside a box and avoids coming up with innovative approaches
  15. When faced with a problem, tends to give in and succumb to the pressure rather than innovate
  16. Easily gets distracted if there is a minor deviation
  17. Puts down others if they are not able to perform, instead of motivating them
  18. Is not able to manage teams effectively
  19. Spends excessive amount of time providing simple product labeling information leading to wastage of time
  20. Loses will or motivation to work after failing at any task
  21. Often relies on others expertise rather than solve problems on his/her own
  22. Does not accept responsibility for compiling, validating, organizing, and updating data for existing analytical modeling tools and systems
  23. Delivers poor results due to lack of awareness of new technology/tools

10. Purchasing

Positive sales performance review phrases – examples

  1. Is highly meticulous when it comes to assessing needs and tracking inventory
  2. Keeps a thorough and updated record of all items purchased using advanced tracking systems
  3. Efficiently coordinates with all other departments/functions to determine and fulfill their needs
  4. Excellent negotiation tactics ensure that company gets the best deals possible
  5. Efficient planning helps ensure all requirements are made available within time
  6. Follows a self-made checklist to ensure nothing is missed out
  7. X’s has strong analytical skills that help him/her study complex data retrieved from (list of tasks)
  8. Has thorough knowledge of market rates of (list of products/services)
  9. Highly efficient at communication with peers, suppliers and vendors
  10. Demonstrated ability to calmly deal with angry/frustrated/rude vendors and address their queries successfully
  11. Highly engaged in all activities that he/she undertakes
  12. Is great at articulating the desired outcome, making it easier for subordinates to achieve those results
  13. Maintains records of goods ordered and received that can quickly retrieved as and when required
  14. Always exhibits exemplary skills while controlling purchasing department budgets
  15. Completely aware of what needs to be said in what situations
  16. Makes it priority to Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance before progressing further
  17. Patiently analyzes market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability.
  18. Ensure he/she is in charge of negotiation and leads to win win situation for both parties
  19. Displays excellent organization skills during all tasks he/she undertakes
  20. Is highly skilled at planning for short term as well as long term goals
  21. Sets goals, checks in progress regularly to ensure he/she is on track and achieves end results effectively
  22. Is always respectful towards teammates ideas and opinions
  23. Clearly communicates what is expected of others and the standard measurement of achievement

Negative performance review phrases – examples

  1. Late processing of purchases often impacts schedule of project deliverables
  2. Lacks the tenacity to get the best deals possible from vendors
  3. Biased towards vendors who are new in the market
  4. In case of errors, does not take ownership
  5. Fails to coordinate with other departments to assess their needs of (lists of products)
  6. Is not fully committed to the tasks so finds it difficult to bring activities to fruition
  7. Negative talk tends to lower entire team’s morale
  8. Lacks engagement to drive (list of tasks) to the desired outcome
  9. Does not display on open mind when given constructive criticism
  10. Does not contribute new/innovative ideas while brainstorming with team
  11. Unable to take stern action when the situation demands it
  12. Takes prolonged amount of time to take smaller decisions leading to delay in number of subsequent activities
  13. Needs to work extra hours because he/she is distracted during normal hour
  14. Speaks of improving himself/herself but backs out when the time comes to take on a new role
  15. Relies on tried and tested methods more often than required
  16. Does not help others despite them asking for help
  17. Should focus more on creating a sensible plan than other lesser important initiatives
  18. Fails to provide support when it is absolutely vital
  19. Forces himself/herself between conversations without considering other two parties
  20. Sets targets without any purpose so loses focus after a short period of time
  21. Fails to provide correct estimation of how much time resolution of problem will take
  22. Sets multiple goals at the same time and fails to achieve even one
  23. Finds it difficult to learn new technologies

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