Performance Reviews

500+ Performance Review Phrases for 2023

By on June 19, 2018

Performance reviews are a regular and significant part of the appraisal process in any organization. Basic reviews that include generic performance evaluation do little to improve performance. Performance reviews should be unique and personalized towards every employee for this process to be truly effective. The company’s and team’s values must be incorporated into the list of competencies by the manager. However, the fact is that the capabilities for which they are appraised are similar to an extent, and these should be encapsulated in the employee evaluation phrases. An effective performance review is a balanced assessment of the strengths and areas of improvement conveyed by performance appraisal phrases. The key to this process is knowing the correct employee performance review phrases and using them effectively during the performance review to communicate your feedback to the individual. 

What is a performance review?

A performance review process is vital for assessing any employee’s performance as it helps them understand where they excel and where they require improvement. For this process to work, it must be aligned with the company’s vision and enable employees to work towards it. The challenge for any manager is to avoid using the exact performance appraisal phrases for more than one individual about the same competency. This may lead to team members assuming that performance reviews are broadly generic, with the same feedback communicated through evaluation phrases to everyone. Hence, it’s important for managers to consider each case differently and use specific and exact phrases for employee evaluation to keep the review process credible. 

How to create a performance review for an employee?

During the performance review, it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. Managers need to prepare their feedback carefully and ensure that they don’t use overly harsh appraisal phrases. A structured approach to performance reviews can avoid awkward conversations, mixed messaging, and defensive reactions from employees. Any feedback or review will comprise positive and negative performance appraisal phrases. These elements must be mixed and matched as per the situation. ‘Needs improvement’ performance reviews or negative performance reviews are particularly difficult as it can be difficult to communicate criticism. However, using the relevant poor performance feedback phrase and sandwiching it between two positive statements can soften the blow. This can improve the chances of employees receiving the feedback positively and using it to make improvements.

How to create performance review for an employee?

Striking the right balance

Positive employee review phrases are easy and simple to communicate as everyone likes praise and encouragement about their performance and achievements. It’s important not to get carried away while lauding an employee, and one must temper praise. On the other hand, penning poor performance feedback may also appear simple, as failures are all too apparent and obvious. Yet communicating negative feedback is much more challenging and must be done truthfully but tactfully. It’s a tightrope that managers must walk, and finding the right balance requires choosing their performance evaluation phrases well and using the right tone and manner to communicate them. 

A balanced performance review should ideally include positive and negative performance feedback examples, with the positive part dominating the discussion. Honest discussions that are structured and planned carefully ensure that both the manager and employee are motivated to improve their performances and help the organization grow.

Using the right appraisal phrases in a performance review

Using simple and descriptive phrases can communicate your feedback effectively and accurately. While performance appraisals are largely universal and generic, using the correct employee evaluation phrases can make all the difference. In this article, we have consolidated 500+ positive & negative performance review phrases by skills that could be handy during employee evaluation. These phrases have been categorized and divided based on essential skills that an employee is expected to hone. We aim to provide an effective guide to managers to build well-rounded performance reviews while helping employees self-evaluate. 


Good performance feedback phrases- examples

  1. Effectively sets goals and challenges self to become better
  2. Constantly works to be the best he/she possibly can be
  3. Sets concrete goals that can be measured
  4. Focuses on targets to achieve business objectives
  5. Communicates goals and objectives to colleagues
  6. Sets clear expectations from team members to achieve goals
  7. Sets goals that align with the company’s mission
  8. Proactively shares update and progress on goals
  9. Designs effective systems to streamline work processes

Poor performance feedback phrases- examples

  1. Inconsistent in defining goals and objectives
  2. Struggles to set goals that align with company objectives
  3. Sets unrealistic performance goals 
  4. Struggles to meet deadlines 
  5. Avoids communicating delay 
  6. Keeps team members in the dark about project status
  7. Resists delegation of responsibilities and work
  8. Unwilling to take responsibility for missed goals
  9. Easily distracted and lacks the focus to achieve performance goals
  10. Passes the buck for missing deadlines 
  11. Unable to set goals that match his/her talent or capabilities


Good performance feedback phrases- examples

  1. Takes ownership for the company’s success 
  2. Assumes responsibility and contributes as a team member
  3. Accepts mistakes humbly
  4. Takes responsibility for meeting deadlines
  5. Owns his/her share of project management
  6. Always willing to share the extra workload 
  7. Offers assistance without needing to be asked
  8. Volunteers to take on new tasks
  9. Empathetic to the needs of team members
  10. Strives to create a positive work environment 
  11. Shows awareness of the external environment and its impact on the organization 
  12. Receives and accepts feedback positively

Poor performance feedback phrases – examples

  1. Reluctant to take ownership of meeting deadlines
  2. Avoids assuming responsibility for mistakes
  3. Unable to offer solutions 
  4. Evades communicating project delays
  5. Shirks responsibility and shifts blame onto others
  6. Defensive in the face of constructive criticism
  7. Doesn’t accept responsibility well
  8. Makes excuses for failure instead of admitting mistakes
  9. Looks for opportunities to blame processes and external factors

Attendance & Punctuality

Good performance feedback phrases – examples

  1. Always on time to work and punctual about attending meetings
  2. Prompt and on time to begin each workday
  3. Respects colleagues by arriving on time
  4. Adheres to schedules and plans 
  5. Never been a ‘no call, no show’ employee 
  6. Achieved perfect attendance 
  7. Motivates others to improve their attendance
  8. Adheres strictly to the attendance policy 
  9. Reports on time to fully tackle responsibilities
  10. Very reliable about being on time for external meetings
  11. Always calls ahead if he/she is going to be late
  12. Reaches office looking fresh and positive 
  13. Starts and ends meetings punctually
  14. Plans and books vacation time in advance and informs the team about it
  15. Prepared to put in extra hours to meet deadlines
  16. Ensures out-of-office auto-replies are activated when on vacation or traveling for work

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Unable to meet company standards for attendance
  2. Failed to meet previous attendance goals 
  3. Frequently late to work
  4. Often returns late from vacation 
  5. Disrespects team members by arriving late to meetings
  6. Loses track of time when hosting meetings
  7. Indulges in frequent breaks than permitted
  8. Exhausts all sick leave days without any supporting documents
  9. Offers weak excuses for arriving late
  10. Usually, the first to leave the office before everyone else
  11. Ignores email meeting invitations
  12. Goes offline on communication channels while working from home without any information or notice
  13. Does not follow the company’s attendance policy
  14. Poor attendance impacts team members and work culture
  15. Unable to hold others to the organization’s attendance standards


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Displays a cheerful attitude at work
  2. Seeks the positive in every situation
  3. Diffuses team members’ stress during trying times
  4. Tries to get the better of difficult circumstances 
  5. Shows enthusiasm toward work
  6. Motivates team’s other members with a positive attitude
  7. Shows readiness to get to work
  8. Displays a smiling disposition
  9. Attitude reflects enjoyment of his/her job
  10. Builds a culture of trust and respect
  11. Handles pressure to meet deadlines well

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Gets upset and flustered easily
  2. Resists from accepting constructive criticism
  3. Allows non-work issues to rattle her/him
  4. Randomly switches from positive to negative attitude
  5. Lets stress and pressure to get the better of him/her
  6. Loses cool over minor issues
  7. His/her negative attitude impacts other team members
  8. Needs to bring poor attitude under control
  9. Talks negatively about other team members
  10. Displays a tendency to trigger problems among his coworkers
  11. Makes inflammatory comments 
  12. Uses inappropriate language
  13. The level of voice can be objectionable


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Always willing to help colleagues
  2. Makes team members feel comfortable in voicing their opinions and ideas
  3. Builds a free culture that promotes dialogue
  4. Delegates work on the basis of the strengths of team members 
  5. Keeps team engaged and on track
  6. Appreciates excellence exhibited by team members
  7. Motivates team members to excel
  8. Creates a culture of learning and understanding
  9. Actively listens and responds to what team members say
  10. Sets a positive example for others to follow
  11. Takes on additional responsibility for the team
  12. Constantly looks for ways to help the team
  13. Shows willingness to take calculated risks
  14. Encourages team members to embrace challenges 
  15. Provides constant coaching and guidance to team members
  16. Displays empathy to colleagues facing personal or professional challenges
  17. Sets achievable as well as ambitious targets
  18. Is considered the backbone of his/her team
  19. Provides conflict at times to prompt colleagues to work harder 
  20. Aligns the strategy of the organization with day-to-day tasks
  21. Sets a high benchmark for ethical behavior

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Reluctant to listen to the opinions of team members
  2. Does not inspire teammates to work hard
  3. Unable to plan for the future
  4. Shows bias towards certain colleagues
  5. Overanalyzes problems that require prompt thinking
  6. Lacks the ability to assign goals and activities
  7. Impatient with new team members 
  8. Fails to offer support to colleagues struggling with a task
  9. Rarely gives recognition for a job well done
  10. Displays a condescending attitude while speaking to coworkers 
  11. Unable to keep confidential information
  12. Frequently diverts team’s attention with insignificant tasks 
  13. Makes contrived and unnecessary suggestions 
  14. Sows seeds of discord between team members
  15. Appears physically distant from subordinates
  16. Unavailable to team members for extended periods
  17. Dominates meetings and suppresses team members’ ideas
  18. Cultivates an atmosphere of fear and apprehension
  19. Frequently communicates aggressively through reprimands
  20. Prioritizes own needs and career goals

Management Style

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Manages team to help them perform their tasks well
  2. Creates action plans and sets deadlines for each team member
  3. Displays professional attitude with employees 
  4. Regularly receives good feedback from team and managers
  5. Adept at managing difficult employees 
  6. Assesses abilities of team members and assigns tasks accordingly
  7. Delegates tasks and responsibilities effectively to appropriate team members 
  8. Supervises team’s work without micromanaging 
  9. Displays trust in subordinates
  10. Gives team members the freedom to make their own decisions 
  11. Designs strategies that provide opportunities for team members to grow 
  12. Is considered an advisor, friend, and guide by the team 
  13. Covers all aspects of a project when assigning tasks
  14. Accurately foresees the output of the team’s efforts 
  15. Manages time effectively
  16. Motivates team to deliver a high level of performance 
  17. Earns the respect of most or all team members 

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Unable to lead the team to meet targets
  2. Fails to resolve conflict among team members
  3. Lacks the foresight to identify problems that can cause conflicts
  4. Shows difficulty in making quick decisions under pressure
  5. Displays tardiness about meeting schedules
  6. Unable to manage difficult employees
  7. Lacks clarity to set team goals 
  8. Limits himself/herself to just task management
  9. Unable to set a broader vision for the team


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Seeks creative ways to solve problems and improve processes 
  2. Strives to be an idea generator 
  3. Finds innovative ways to accomplish tasks 
  4. Contributes new ideas to team project discussions and staff meetings
  5. Offers constructive suggestions to meet the company’s goals
  6. Helps evolve improvement ideas in staff meetings 
  7. Finds new and imaginative ways to overcome challenges
  8. Always seeking new ways to improve and deliver value
  9. Considered a champion of new ideas and approaches
  10. Embraces new opportunities and takes on challenges
  11. Meets a new challenge with an innovative solution
  12. Creatively implements the company’s vision 

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Reacts negatively when presented with a new problem or challenge 
  2. Unable to apply innovative thinking 
  3. Fails to offer new solutions at project discussions
  4. Shows resistance to coming up with creative ideas, even when prompted by supervisor 
  5. Unable to extract innovative ideas from employees to improve the company’s procedures and processes
  6. Shows recklessness by trying risky ideas 
  7. Rarely adds additional value to projects beyond basic requirements
  8. Unable to cope with more pressure or unexpected challenges
  9. Reluctant to adjust to new or unfamiliar tasks or circumstances


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Regularly offers constructive feedback
  2. Shows willingness to entertain other ideas
  3. Makes sure the team feels heard 
  4. Keeps all stakeholders updated about projects’ status
  5. Takes and shares notes regularly
  6. Asks insightful questions to understand and solve problems 
  7. Ensures questions are clarified before taking actions 
  8. Explains tough issues clearly and calmly to the team 
  9. Doesn’t hesitate to admit, “I don’t know.” 
  10. Takes time to understand what others are saying
  11. Effectively summarizes and communicates key business decisions
  12. Stands out for outstanding communication skills
  13. Persuades and convinces peers in challenging situations
  14. Actively hears and understands peers’ objections
  15. Demonstrates sincere appreciation for opposing viewpoints
  16. Makes new employees feel welcome
  17. Is considered a friendly communicator 
  18. Builds a rapport with every division in the company
  19. Acts as a calming force when the team is under pressure
  20. Facilitates conversations with team members that bring out new ideas and solutions
  21. Able to articulate complex, technical concepts in plain language

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Blames others for problems or setbacks
  2. Complains of lack of resources to complete tasks
  3. Fails to alert proper personnel about problems or crises
  4. Regularly engages in confrontations
  5. Speaks rudely to staff members regularly
  6. Has trouble communicating effectively in groups
  7. Makes coworkers deliver bad news instead of doing it himself/herself
  8. Intimidates team members when working on challenging projects
  9. Asks questions that show he/she is not actively listening 
  10. Easily distracted and doesn’t fully absorb other opinions
  11. Interrupts colleagues during team meetings and discussions
  12. Is dismissive of other ideas when opposed
  13. Rules out an opposing viewpoint
  14. Avoids tough conversations with team members’ superiors
  15. Gets defensive if questioned or criticized
  16. Fails to keep team members updated on important updates and developments
  17. Avoids follow-up after the task at hand is over
  18. Hesitates to seek help
  19. Displays “us” against “them” attitude when it comes to others within the company
  20. Written communication skills need improvement
  21. Displays poor email etiquette

Customer Service

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Works effectively with clients
  2. Shares strong rapport with those he/she interacts with
  3. Enjoys people-related aspects of the job
  4. Projects a friendly tone over the phone
  5. Gets consistently high marks on customer satisfaction surveys
  6. Consistently spearheads effective customer relations
  7. Deals easily with all types of customers
  8. Shows empathy toward customer issues
  9. Direct yet helpful in dealing with customer concerns
  10. Does not let a customer’s negative attitude get him/her down
  11. Tactfully helps customers overcome objections
  12. Shows care about the client’s comfort and convenience
  13. Goes above and beyond his/her job requirements to satisfy the customers
  14. Follows up with customers in a timely manner
  15. Makes extra effort to keep customers updated and informed
  16. Goes the extra mile to make a real difference in customer experience
  17. Handles difficult customers with grace

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Consistently receives negative comments from customers
  2. Appears disinterested in solving customers’ problems
  3. Does not manage customer expectations, especially in tough situations
  4. Passes challenging issues to others instead of tackling them head-on
  5. Misses opportunities to educate customers about other products or services
  6. Uses inappropriate language with colleagues or customers
  7. Frequently gets frustrated by clients who ask questions
  8. High average time per call 
  9. Speaks rudely or sarcastically when dealing with client challenges
  10. Effective on the phone, but does not handle face-to-face service well
  11. Shows a lack of enthusiasm for customer service training 

Coaching & Training

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Enthusiastically accepts coaching in various job duties 
  2. Applies learning from training to improve abilities
  3. Asks for more training when processes aren’t clear or understood
  4. Always willing to learn new processes
  5. Shows eagerness to learn new software and improve efficiency
  6. Encourages team members to join in the necessary training sessions
  7. Able to learn concepts quickly and implement them into his/her work
  8. Actively participates in specialized training sessions
  9. Does not get defensive when given negative feedback during training
  10. Shows self-awareness and willingness to improve in areas where he/she is lacking
  11. Recognizes scope for improvement, both personally and professionally

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Could benefit from seeking more training in various tasks
  2. Should ask more questions when not sure of expectations
  3. Reluctant to learn new processes 
  4. Unable to apply knowledge gained during training sessions to work
  5. Could improve adaptability to learning new software and procedures
  6. Seeks coaching only when an area of weakness is highlighted
  7. Demonstrates a lack of awareness regarding his/her deficiencies 


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Accepts constructive criticism 
  2. Constantly works towards improving performance
  3. Comes up with new solutions to common problems
  4. Shows willingness to change the way he/she works for the betterment of the team
  5. Takes the initiative to start a new task
  6. Capable of handling a variety of tasks
  7. Shows ability to identify new and more efficient methods
  8. Stays calm under pressure
  9. Considered a reassuring force within his/her peer group 
  10. Willing to admit when he/she is wrong
  11. Quick to adapt to alternate points of view
  12. Shows willingness to work extra hours in case of crises 
  13. Handles change well

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Tends to shy away from new activities 
  2. Does not excel at projects that require a degree of flexibility
  3. Gets agitated when original plan changes
  4. Shows a lack of interest in accepting new responsibilities
  5. Sticks to old methods even if a new approach is better
  6. Fails to offer new solutions 
  7. Unable to come up with creative ideas, even when prompted
  8. Tends to get overwhelmed by challenges 
  9. Doesn’t innovate when things don’t go according to plan
  10. Unwilling to admit he/she is wrong
  11. Does not accept constructive criticism well
  12. Resistant to trying new techniques or approaches


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Proven team player
  2. Encourages teammates to work together toward a common goal
  3. Offers assistance and advice to team members
  4. Promotes a team-centered workplace
  5. Sensitive and considerate of coworkers’ feelings
  6. Shares ideas and techniques with others
  7. Builds strong relationships within the team
  8. Always willing to cooperate with coworkers
  9. Takes on more work to help the team excel
  10. Seeks new ways to help the team
  11. Easy to work with, and encourages others to work together as a team 
  12. Displays loyalty and support for colleagues, even in the face of conflict 
  13. Supports group decisions even in case of a disagreement
  14. Fosters a cooperative atmosphere 
  15. Does not prioritize his/her personal goals over the team 
  16. Receptive to ideas from peers and willing to adapt his/her behaviors in response
  17. Always congratulates team members who do well
  18. Encourages and motivates even the most reluctant team members
  19. Considered a positive influence on all team members 
  20. Solves team conflicts in a calm and mature manner
  21. Collaborates well with colleagues, vendors, and external partners
  22. Promotes harmony to ensure colleagues work as a team to meet deadlines
  23. Always offers to help with tasks outside their role

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Needs to improve teamwork skills
  2. Does not consider the workplace as a team environment
  3. Prefers to work alone on projects
  4. Colleagues are hesitant to ask him/her for help
  5. Does not work well with others during group projects
  6. Blames others when problems arise 
  7. Insensitive to team members’ feelings
  8. It comes across as guarded and secretive
  9. Does not share well with others
  10. Considered a divisive element within the team
  11. Gets impatient with colleagues when they are slow or unable to finish tasks on time 
  12. Comes late to meetings
  13. Disrupts workflow for other workers 
  14. Takes credit for the work of others, even when it is not deserved 
  15. Does not share information with colleagues unless they ask for it directly
  16. Leaves early even if the rest of the team is working late
  17. Only considers own needs and happiness
  18. Unwilling to share credit with others for team assignments
  19. Publicly criticizes team members 
  20. Instigates arguments with others
  21. Appears too blunt in feedback
  22. More suitable to individual-focused work than the group-work environment

Commitment & Professionalism

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Displays excellent work ethic 
  2. Is considered an engaging personality
  3. Exhibits professional attitude even when under pressure
  4. Takes on challenges head-on
  5. Customers prefer to speak to this person 
  6. Self-motivated and strives to complete all tasks on time
  7. Strives for excellence in everything he/she does
  8. Is not engaged in illegal or unethical business practices
  9. Their energetic and creative attitude impacts team members positively
  10. Takes setbacks in his/her stride
  11. Polite and professional in dealing with colleagues as well as customers and vendors

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Cannot separate personal life from work
  2. Colleagues complain of poor hygiene habits
  3. Dresses too informally for the office environment
  4. Shows a lack of enthusiasm to improve performance
  5. Frequently arrives late at work
  6. Often attempts to leave the workplace early
  7. Unwilling to broaden skill sets 
  8. Disrespectful to leadership behind their backs
  9. Unwelcoming to new team members
  10. Fails to keep the workspace tidy
  11. Gets angry and emotional in stressful situations

Ethics & Integrity

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Highly organized and adept at prioritizing what is important
  2. Strives to keep commitments
  3. Truthful and honest in all dealings
  4. Never betrays the company’s core values and principles
  5. Demonstrates trustworthiness
  6. Never abuses any company resources for personal purposes
  7. Understands legal responsibility towards the company 
  8. Displays a strong sense of integrity that underscore all his/her dealings and interactions
  9. Always keeps promises
  10. Follows ethical business practices and company policies
  11. Respects confidentiality
  12. Avoids office gossip

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Takes frequent breaks if not being watched
  2. Makes excuses to leave work early
  3. Usually gossips and is untruthful about the company or team members
  4. Blames coworkers for his/her mistakes
  5. Speaks rudely to junior/senior team members
  6. Makes unkind personal remarks
  7. Untruthful to other members of the team
  8. Breaks company’s rules
  9. Allows personal biases to influence important business decisions
  10. Withholds important information to evade disciplinary action
  11. Violates company standards related to employee integrity
  12. Unethical behavior has cost the company customers and money or both

Technical Skills

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Shows a deep and thorough understanding of systems and processes 
  2. Understands the technical requirements of assignments thoroughly
  3. Adept at solving complicated technical issues 
  4. Displays exemplary technical knowhow 
  5. Resolves technical challenges and records guidelines for future 
  6. Able to grasp complex technical concepts 
  7. Goes the extra mile to ensure the technical problems are resolved within the time
  8. Keeps team members updated by creating documents, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments, etc.
  9. Explains elaborate ideas and concepts in easy-to-understand ways
  10. Extremely reliable when the company is implementing new technology

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Unable to properly communicate with other members of the team about technical issues
  2. Needs to attend more training sessions 
  3. Must study harder to improve technical knowledge
  4. Finds it tough to learn new technology
  5. Needs to improve technical understanding required for the job
  6. Unable to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications
  7. Provides temporary solutions that can lead to long-term problems
  8. Spends a considerable amount of time retrieving simple information 
  9. Lacks knowledge about the latest development tools, programming techniques, and computing equipment 
  10. Unable to understand and adapt to changing technology and instructions


Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Considers problems as challenges to be overcome
  2. Brings new ideas to the table when discussing problem-solving 
  3. Shows the ability to pressure test his/her own ideas calmly 
  4. Tries to get a buy in from others to adopt his/her solution
  5. Sets up a system for tracking problems and their solutions 
  6. Uses a variety of techniques to solve problems
  7. Willing to try new approaches or suggestions that may come from others 
  8. Invests extra time and effort to solve problems completely 
  9. Shows the ability to explain the rationale behind his/her solution to a problem 
  10. Demonstrates leadership skills when solving group problems
  11. Evaluates challenges from all angles before deciding on a way forward
  12. Willing to collaborate with peers to explore solutions to problems
  13. Resolves customer complaints professionally and promptly
  14. Makes well-thought-out decisions and sticks to them
  15. Takes full responsibility for any problems of assigned tasks
  16. Tackles problems in a creative and analytical way
  17. Stays calm even when required to resolve a problem under high pressure
  18. Articulates issues clearly and concisely to team members
  19. Retains objectivity while assessing situations and suggesting solutions
  20. Accommodates and listens to other people’s perspectives 
  21. Capable of independently solving complex problems
  22. Breaks a problem down to analyze it minutely 
  23. Collaborates well with others to find solutions to project challenges
  24. Offers multiple solutions to complex problems
  25. Makes sound and fact-based judgments
  26. Looks for different ways to resolve complex issues

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Demonstrates disinterest in pressure-testing ideas with others 
  2. Does not set up a system for tracking problems and their solutions 
  3. Fails to take action when a problem is raised 
  4. Resists explaining the rationale behind his/her solution to a problem 
  5. Does not optimize use of time when working on difficult problems 
  6. Does not offer efficient solutions 
  7. Unable to persuade others to agree to his/her solutions 
  8. Not receptive to other people’s ideas and opinions
  9. Unable to articulate problems in ways that others can understand
  10. Indecisive when it comes to coming up with solutions
  11. Rushes to make decisions without thinking things through
  12. Fails to monitor progress to ensure that they deliver the desired outcome
  13. Does not learn from previous successes or failures
  14. Gets flustered when facing a tough decision  
  15. Loses cool with team members when faced with a problem
  16. Unwilling to collaborate with others to discuss solutions 
  17. Fails to give team members the proper guidance and direction
  18. Deals with customer-related issues unprofessionally 
  19. Chooses complex and convoluted approaches to solving problems
  20. Often paralyzed and confused when facing tight deadlines 
  21. Struggles to find solutions for complex problems
  22. Tends to shy away than face an awkward problem
  23. Quickly loses focus when facing a difficult situation

Critical Thinking

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Uses sharp ideas and essential thinking ability to solve issues quickly
  2. Possesses strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills 
  3. Always thoroughly considers everything before submitting any idea
  4. Offers workable plans for each problem
  5. Exhibits sound judgment when evaluating multiple opportunities
  6. Arrives at reasonable conclusions based on information presented
  7. Chooses a fact-based approach over sentimental arguments when making decisions
  8. Balances prompt decision-making, with the ability to analyze every aspect of a problem
  9. Prioritizes urgent matters over those issues that can wait
  10. Sets out the best-case and worst-case scenarios to help decision-making

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Makes hasty decisions without considering all facts and information 
  2. Frequently struck by analysis paralysis when making a decision
  3. Makes big decisions without approval from concerned parties
  4. Inconsiderate of others’ opinions and suggestions 
  5. Fails to consider possible changes in circumstances when making decisions
  6. Rarely thinks decisions through
  7. Employs problem-solving techniques that end up complicating matters
  8. Jumps on the solution before properly analyzing the problem

Time Management

Good Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Efficiently manages time to complete tasks
  2. Respects the time of colleagues
  3. Keeps presentations on schedule
  4. Regularly meets all deadlines
  5. Works hard to stay organized and on time
  6. Driven to complete tasks on time
  7. Reliable when it comes to time management
  8. Shows dependability to manage time well
  9. Prioritizes well to save time
  10. Displays sensitivity to the constraints of colleagues
  11. Handles multiple assignments and projects well 
  12. Able to juggle numerous tasks with speed and accuracy 
  13. Effectively prioritizes work to ensure critical assignments are managed well
  14. Manages his/her time in a highly effective manner 
  15. Completes assignments even with extended deadlines 
  16. Organizes time systematically to achieve goals

Poor Performance Review Phrases- Examples

  1. Frequently misses deadlines
  2. Regularly late from break
  3. Unable to understand how much time a task will take
  4. Meetings and presentations tend to overrun the allotted time
  5. Indulges in small talk that takes up valuable time of others 
  6. Gives little or no importance to being on time
  7. Takes no steps to improve time-management techniques
  8. Is considered unreliable in finishing tasks by the allotted deadline
  9. Frequently exceeds mandatory due dates
  10. Does not meet deadlines, even when given ample time 
  11. Has difficulty balancing multiple assignments and projects 
  12. Fails to prioritize most critical assignments effectively 
  13. Allows personal issues to affect work performance
  14. Does not manage time well

Balanced Reviews Leading to Positive Outcomes

Effective performance reviews are imperative to optimize employee engagement and motivate them to provide their best performance. Any manager’s essential function is to recognize an individual’s efforts while politely but firmly addressing their weaknesses. 

Creating performance reviews is a continuous learning process that requires a fair amount of time and an element of trial and error. For any manager striking a delicate balance between appreciation and criticism can be a challenge. However, with this comprehensive and exhaustive list of employee performance review phrases based on essential skills, we hope your task will be simpler and easier.

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