Hauling targets better with review forms saves $25,000 per year

By on September 27, 2023






The software development function of the partner organization was heavily utilizing Atlassian tools already.


Once the REST APIs were live, the partner organization started evaluation of Employee Success as a whole.

Version Used

Data center

A leading transportation service provider in Estonia, moving towards a progressive and employee-centric culture, had planned to upgrade its reviewing structure. The performance and monetary benefit equation wasn’t resulting in much innovation: a change was imminent, but the organization was skeptical about adding a new tool to manage reviews as lack of adoption would complicate matters further.


Loading the insights right

The software development function of the partner organization was heavily utilizing Atlassian tools already, and a performance review software that would seamlessly integrate with its workflow was necessary. Not only it would simplify the task, but also boost adoption rates. A fully flexible performance review software was identified as a requirement, and UpRaise for Employee Success was trialed from the Atlassian marketplace. During the course of this evaluation which continued for about a month, the UpRaise support team was contacted to understand the different workflows offered in the app’s Review Forms feature.


Charting a course to success

The customer support & customer success teams of UpRaise helped the partner organization meet their procedural needs with the app’s customizable workflows. The multilingual support of the app, which was available in Estonian, was greatly appreciated. A sizeable part of the partner organization’s workforce is comfortable with Russian too, which is one of the 15 different languages supported by UpRaise for Employee Success.


Benefits: Delivered

The partner organization is saving US $25,000 every year - only on the cost of the performance review tool used. The trickle benefits of using UpRaise for Employee Success, like the ease with which the new and existing employees can be trained (thanks to the integration with Jira) will add up over time.

Learnings on the job

The familiarity with the tools and languages matters a lot when it comes to large-scale adoption. Even with the benefit provided by the review forms feature, the adoption rate at the partner organization would have been lesser if it were not for the extended language support. By allowing employees to access the information they need or have to work on in a way they prefer, organizations can increase awareness and usage of tools.

The language support on UpRaise for Employee Success is improving rapidly – it is an internationalized app that currently supports 15 different languages. The UpRaise team is working tirelessly to increase that number further.