Jackpot! Saving 200 hours by doing OKRs right

By on September 26, 2023






The partner organization realized how important OKRs are to the overall growth of the organization.


With the basic need of handling OKRs taken care of, the partner organization aimed higher.

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OKRs can be implemented in many ways, as it relies on objectives and corresponding key results being tracked regularly. Smaller organizations even use excel sheets to manage their OKRs, and it is perfectly fine as log as it works out well.

But for a leading casino, it isn't enough. The organization was already implementing OKRs using Confluence & Excel sheets quite ably, but the team grew more and more, and the management of OKRs for all the new employees became way too cluttered and difficult to manage.


Laying down the gauntlet

Majority of the workforce of partner organization was already heavily reliant on Atlassian tools. Adding another standalone app on top of the existing ones was deemed to increase the pressure on employees. They wanted a solution that would integrate seamless with the Jira tools that were already in use in the organization - and the stage was set for UpRaise to take the limelight, with employee success.


Preparing one's own luck

The partner organization realised how important OKRs are to the overall growth of the organization, and how limiting the current tools were. The need for a standalone OKR management app that ties in with their existing system was apparent. This prompted them to research and shortlist a few potential solutions, with UpRaise for Employee Success being one of them. The app was evaluated on the partner organization's Jira instance for about 2 months, and it was found to be a good fit.


Pushing on while winning

With the basic need of handling OKRs taken care of, the partner organization aimed higher. The focus shifted to the OKR views functionality in the UpRaise for Employee Success app, and it ended up being extremely helpful in the varied use cases of the partner organization. The controls of the app allowed for the creation of teams specific for departments, executives, OKR champions, leads & so on, and the systematic approach it brought was something that wouldn't have been possible with an Excel sheet-based OKR management.


Hitting the Jackpot

The shift to UpRaise for Employee Success has enabled the partner organization to save at least 200 employee-hours a month. The OKR views also provide vital information about the upcoming goals and their achievability, keeping the organization ready for any changes in the future.

Learnings on the job

Pushing on when all apparent requirements have been ticked off, can result in extra benefits. The partner organization in this case 'gambled' with the OKR views, and found out a way to address a persistent issue for good.