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By on September 18, 2018

Getting the team to gel together is a daunting task. But that is definitely a prerequisite to achieve great things, as an organisation.

Everywhere the management & HR teams tend to search for that magical team building idea. And the simplest ways are often ignored. One such low hanging fruit is an online company directory.

Creating user & team profiles helps employees get easy access to relevant data. That way, there is less friction for employees to consume information.

Feature Highlight

All the UpRaise apps offer the company directory feature. It includes ability to not only manage user & team profiles but also org chart.

User profile

Below are a few key advantages of designing user profile in UpRaise apps:

  • Different types of attributes could be attached to the user profile


  • No separate tool needed, everything happens seamlessly inside Jira
  • View & edit permissions on each attribute just simplify the entire set up


Team profile

Companies rely on different strategies for team formation. e.g. project based teams, customer based teams, skills based teams etc. Irrespective of what approach you follow, team is essentially a group of individuals. Majority of the times, lead by a team lead or a team manager.

UpRaise apps automatically create a team profile pages, given that relevant details are added. These pages show details about team members as well as extra contextual information. e.g. in case of Employee Success app, Team OKRs are displayed.


Org chart

If the team parents are defined, UpRaise apps would create the org chart view. This view can be published to the non-admin users.

Org charts are helpful in visualising the information dissemination, decision making flow.



This additional info about employees can bring in much needed context. Metrics could be measured, data can be analysed, reports could be generated with it. This employee data can reveal valuable insights.


If you have a large team size, UpRaise apps support ability to integrate with any outside systems.

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