7 Virtues of Highly Effective Managers

By on May 31, 2016

We all know that Managers are in a position to be the difference between a dull and a kick-ass team. They are leaders of their teams. They not only set the direction of their teams but also the mood. Each manager has her own unique style, method to manage the team.

Having said that, many a manager have known to possess some MUST HAVE qualities that make them stand apart from the mediocre. Virtues that make them highly effective.

Highly effective managers

Following are the virtues managers need for being effective

1. Communicate

Successful leaders value purpose, they know it can inspire extraordinary performance from their team members. The first & foremost responsibility of the managers is to articulate the WHY behind the work that the team is doing. To put things in perspective, to ensure that everyone is focused on the task at hand without losing sight of the bigger picture.

2. Celebrate

More often than not, hard working teams party hard. Stellar managers don’t wait for shot at the moon occasions to celebrate. They are aware of the uplift that frequent celebrations bring, however small the wins might be. Vital to this behaviour is the genuine belief of the managers that they are as good as their team.

3. Inspire

There is a difference between being a leader of the team and leading the team. To be effective you have to lead from the front. They inspire extraordinary performances from their co-workers. Ordinary managers order, outstanding managers inspire! Most of the times this ability to inspire stems from the manager’s ability to build a positive rapport with the co-workers.

4. Focus

Excellent managers know the value of a streamlined process over a fluke success that just happened by chance. They know the value of ethics, of not cutting corners to be successful. They build a sustainable future even if it meant taking a long & arduous route to the destination. They know, hard work always pays off in the end.

5. Seek Feedback

Managers who inherently want to better themselves often end up extracting best out of their teams. Their willingness to get feedback from the people around them to improve themselves leaves a lasting impression on their team members. Formal or informal feedback, they wouldn’t care as long as it is constructive enough.

6. Managers need to Listen

The one virtue that seems to be an integral part of all the high achievers – ability to listen mindfully, also stands out in the effective managers. They always try and hear beyond what is being said, in order to empathise with their team members. They know this is the only way, they can give their colleagues a safe space for expressing themselves.

7. Learn

Managers are always aware that their ability to manage people, their aspirations needs to grow and change with the times. They always seek to learn new concepts in psychology, management methodologies to apply them to greater effect. Ask any effective manager & he’ll come up with his ‘To Read Wishlist’ in no more than a minute.

What else do you think is common to all the effective managers?

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