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Top 4 companies to work for, according to LinkedIn

By on June 24, 2016

LinkedIn recently released its list of top attractors that people would love to work for. Featured prominently amongst the top are Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Apple and a few others. What makes these companies appear regularly in such lists? Is it just their salary? Leave structure? Or is it because of the perks?

Apparently it’s a combination of everything. These companies focus on keeping the employees happy and maintain a positive atmosphere. While great packages remain the top criterion, there are many other perks that are unique to these companies.

Let us look at the top 4 companies that have been judged the best ones of the lot & why they remain at the summit

Fill your tummy at Google


Google has almost become legendary for their employee friendly practises. Current as well as ex-Googlers (Xooglers as they are fondly called) rave about these on Quora, Glassdoor reviews and similar platforms.

It provides gourmet food and snacks across its offices. When your stomach is satisfied with the most amazing options, you really don’t have much to complain do you? The convenience of having free and healthy food is appreciated by everyone. And in case you do overindulge, access to campus gyms is free. You are encouraged to stay fit and participate in organised intramural sports as well.

After the birth of a child, leaves are mandatory but what sets Google apart is that they allow up to 18 weeks of paid maternity leaves while paternity leaves are of 6 weeks. During this time, they continue to receive bonuses. On rejoining, they can avail of onsite daycares for children.

And I personally would appreciate this benefit for dog-lovers like me.  Select offices have allowed to bring your dogs to office!

Become a father at Facebook


Facebook wins the paternity leave benefit section. It allows for 4 months of paid leaves for new fathers as well. Talk about encouraging men to be a more hands-on dad! In addition, employees get $4,000 in baby expenses and $3,000 a year for babysitting expenses.

Typically, taking a vacation means employees have to slog weeks before they are eligible for one. Facebook allows for a 21 days paid leave for vacation as well as unlimited sick days. You really can’t control how often you can get sick, can you?

Facebook too believes in providing free food but it takes it one step further. Food is provided 3 times a day for 5 days a week. The best bit is that care is taken to not repeat the same food at any time of the week. The chefs work hard to prepare a variety of dishes at all times.

On site health care centres and their health insurance options are highly appreciated by the employees and rated as one of the main benefits that they look for.

Meditation at Salesforce


Imagine a company taking design advice from Buddhist monks for their office. That’s exactly what Salesforce did for their San Francisco office. On the monks’ suggestions, they added mindfulness zones or meditation spaces on every floor of their office. The general intent was to help employees take care of their inner peace first as only then can they guide their customers.

Don’t you think such zones would be highly useful at all the workplaces given the hectic pace of day to day life.

Salesforce support 100% educational assistance for any course that can boost your career in the company. They reimburse the fees, tuition and books taken at an accredited academic institution, up to $5,250 each year.

They provide 24 hour travel assistance to ensure safety of employees travelling to any location. They have a Corporate Security team that provides safety services such as Flight Tracking, Hotel Recommendations, Travel Safety Advice, 24/7 Monitoring of Travel Destinations Worldwide,

Detailed security briefings for employee traveling to elevated risk destinations (source: Salesforce)

Beer bash at Apple


The name itself carries a lot of weight and it is still growing at a large rate.

In addition to great salaries, discounted products would be one of the most important benefits for Apple employees. Apple products are really expensive and getting them at discounted prices is a sure way to make friends and family jealous.

Every heard of a beer bash in office premises? Yes, Apple occasionally rewards its employees with beer bashes. This would be a cool thing to implement across all organisations. Of course that’s just to promote the, ‘work hard, party harder’ philosophy.

Apple’s ‘wellness centre’ too is gaining popularity. Its new building in California based headquarters provides a one-stop medical centre where employees can avail services of doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and dieticians.

And free apples! Yes considering its name, it’s no surprise the company provides free apples to its employees.

These companies are in the big league and can afford these practices. However, new startups too rely on a few offbeat activities to develop a happy and productive workforce.

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