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What Employees Want to help them succeed

By on March 15, 2016

Many companies nowadays are trying to attract and retain people with great talent by simply promoting the fact that they have a ping-pong table in the break room. Sure, performance bonuses and free meals will be welcomed with open arms, but this is not always something that every employee wants and values in the workplace. These perks may motivate them to come in at work on a Monday morning, but they are not helpful when creating a motivated and engaged workforce. Executives and managers need to give the employees what they really want. Read on to find out what that is.



Every employee brings with him a wealth of ideas and goals. Since two employees cannot be exactly alike, their ideas can really impact the productivity positively in the workplace, if they are given the opportunity to voice them. So, avoid limiting the employees with rules and policies, allow them to express themselves by contributing their own, unique ideas and practices into your business. Give them the freedom to complete their work with autonomy and sufficient authority, to make relevant decisions. They will appreciate this sort of creative freedom, and this will instil trust between managers and the team members.


Everyone has grown accustomed to nine-to-five working hours, but the number of hours an employee works does not indicate their level of productivity. These strict parameters intimidate the employees, they do not motivate them, and some employees simply work better in the evening. Job flexibility enables them to get their work done in a time best suited for them. So, give your team members the freedom to design their own schedules, give them flexible work options and boost their productivity in the process.


Empowering your co-workers is perhaps something that they want the most. It is best accomplished by understanding what really matters to them. A workplace which facilitates a sense of purpose is a workplace which is more engaged and productive. Employees with a strong sense of purpose are more forward thinking and more optimistic, and that can help in extracting the best out of them. So, understanding the sense of an employee’s purpose and combining it with the company’s long term goals is really a win-win situation. Employees will develop a motivational structure to thrive and executives will have a productive and engaged workforce.


Employees are the ones who are responsible for making a business successful, and they should be treated with respect. Every employee is seeking to find a good work-life balance, and not having a proper one wears them out. They will be less productive and unsatisfied with their jobs. So, if you notice that an employee had a productive day, and that the things are moving forward towards project completion, let the employee go home early. You don’t want them to work too hard and get burned out. Well rested employees will bring more to the table, so open up a dialogue about work-life balance and show your employees that you understand their needs.

Employees want Recognition

If an employee does a good job, they want their managers to recognise the efforts they have made, but instead, they are just shifted to the next assignment. A simple thank you will go a long way and it will make the employees feel appreciated, even if they have experienced some difficulties while performing their tasks. So, pick the right time to give them some positive feedback; it shouldn’t be too often, but when it matters the most. That is when it will make a huge difference.


A full quarter of employees do not trust their managers, according to a 2014 survey, and only about a half of them believe that their manager is open and upfront with them. This is because of a lack of transparency in the workplace. Transparent leadership is important in creating a culture of trust between executives and their employees. If employees are kept in the loop, they will understand their role in the company and put their trust in their managers. So, always be transparent, especially when conducting reviews and giving rewards. This create a trustworthy relationship with your team.

These are the things that every employee values the most; the way they want to be treated in the company. So, provide every employee with these things and you will see how they will be happier, more productive and, in general, satisfied with their jobs.

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