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4 tips on how to stay on top of Jira issues

By on May 22, 2018

Have you noticed that even with best of intentions, it can be easy to stray off track. You ambitiously set out on a journey and yet when it comes to reaching the destination, manage to get lost.

It could be that you weren’t clear where you were headed. Maybe you were working on too many issues at the same time. A bit overwhelmed. Or you could be lost but hesitated to ask for help. In such cases, take a step back, breathe, and look at the problem again. How can you overcome the obstacles that you are facing?

UpRaise Employee Success for Jira may help address these challenges on time. Eventually you can get back on track with minimum hassles.

Here are some ways to make sure you get back on track:

1. Setting goals:

When you set goals, you have a dashboard of what you want to achieve. You will be in a position to know where you want to reach and how far have you come by the end of the journey. These goals will also help you measure the success of your efforts.

Set SMART goals so there is clarity about what defines success and failure. Every goal needs to have a specific start and end date and should be  measurable.


You can revisit these goals on a frequent basis and determine if your actions are aligned. If not, then you can take appropriate measures to get yourself back on track.

2. Keep yourself committed to the outcome:

Every time you get distracted, set a reminder to get yourself back on track. It can be hard to concentrate when you’ve been trying to make something work for a long time. Sometimes you may lose faith in your own ability to make it work or see it through.

A proven way of keeping yourself on track is to think of the outcome that you want to achieve. And stay focused on activities that help in this achievement. There could be multiple responsibilities that you need to take care of. You need to prioritize which are the most important ones and stick to these.

3. Manage your time efficiently:

It is important to manage your time in alignment with your goals. Once you prioritize your goals, make sure you set a time limit for each task on your agenda. An easy way to do this is by using a time management system to divide your work into their order of importance. Then commit to one in that time frame.

Another way is to implement the 80-20 rule, also known as Pareto Principle. The principle states that 80% of results come from 20% causes. Various studies have shown that there are certain times in a day, when we are most productive. We tend to produce some of our best results during these times. Identify these peak times and apply the 80-20 rule. You can exponentially magnify your results by leveraging this principle!

4. Request feedback within Jira:

Don’t stop on completing a task at hand. Ensure to get someone else’s feedback on your efforts & performance. That would help you put things in perspective. This feedback is essential to understand your strengths as well as weaknesses. Thus, you can work on these aspects and further improve your performance as you take on newer challenges.

Using continuous feedback in Jira, you can directly seek feedback from these individuals. Simply refer the issue, and request feedback from relevant individuals.


Make the most of your project management software. Do not hesitate to seek feedback when you need it most. It will help you stay on track and reach your goals efficiently. Learn more about how UpRaise – Employee Success solves your communication needs here.

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