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OKR Examples for Customer Support

Sample OKRs along with relevant discussions, organised by function

OKR 1 (1)

Customer Support

The common conception is that customer support is not something that is driven by goals, but if personalised customer support is what an organization aims for - The goals driven on customer support function can actually have appositive impact on marketing & sales OKRs. These customer support OKRs illustrate the same; they are indicative & can differ from organization to organization depending on the size, stage & maturity of OKR processes.

Team Level OKRs

Objectives Key Results Observations
Delight customers with extraordinary support
  1. Critical issues resolved within 1 hour of complaint
  2. Customer feedback ratings score exceeds 90% overall
  3. Average turnaround time for normal complaints less than 24 hours
The main point of the objective, customer delight, needs a better yardstick – an Objective like “Improve customer support experience by Q3 FY 2017-18” can work better.
Improve performance of support team
  1. 2 training sessions conducted per quarter to optimize performance
  2. 95% team maintaining personal score of more than 8/10
Use superior technology and tools
  1. 80% faster processing of data by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tools
  2. 3X quicker analysis of reports
  3. Provide 24*7 online support to customers
The objective should quantify what superior technology means, and how will it make difference to the company. This customer support objective can be better phrased as “Improve technological infrastructure for increased productivity by Q3 FY 2017-18

Individual level OKRs

Objectives Key Results Observations
Reduce grievances rate by 30% by Q3 2017-18
  1. Address and catogorize 60 online queries in one day
  2. Address and catogorize 60 online queries in one day
  3. >Document 20 most common complaints
The 3rd KR is a task with no apparent impact on the objective. It can be modified to, “Document 20 most common complaints per day and rectify them to prevent re-occurrence” for better alignment with the objective.
Assess customer satisfaction rate by Q3 FY 2017-18
  1. 4 surveys conducted per quarter where customer satisfaction index has grown from 6 to 8.4
  2. Phone interviews conducted for 15 customers per week of which 70% are happy with the product
  3. Get 1 referral for every 3 customers
If the objective talks about assessing or even improving an arbitary value, it defeats the reason of objectives in the first place. The 2rd KR places value on a metric that is not in control of customer service teams – happiness of customers – and thus, needs to be reworded as ‘documenting results of phone interviews conducted for 15 customers/week’.
Also, the outcome of the first 2 KRs can acts the foundation for the target of Sales team KRs.