OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Design Teams

Sample OKRs along with relevant discussions, organised by function

OKR 1 (1)


Design, being a creative department, seems the least equipped to measurements and SMART goals, but these design team OKR examples below paint a picture where even design teams and organizations can benefit from OKRs.

Team Level OKRs

Objectives Key Results Observations
Design product as per client’s requirements
  1. Design a draft and get approval from client Q2 FY 2017-18
  2. Design beta version of product by Q3 FY 2017-18
The first KR can be more output-oriented, like “Create design brief by Q1 FY 2017-18 that matches with 90% requirements of customer’s expectations”.
Improve performance of design team
  1. Replace old tools and software with advanced options to reduce design time
  2. Create guidelines to increase efficiency of designing
  3. Identify bottlenecks that cause delays
  4. Conduct relevant e-learning courses to optimize performance
This objective would need collaboration between the Design team, HR team and the Operations team. The KRs too can be distributed accordingly – where the first one would belong to the Operations team (identifying advanced software and tools), the second and third KRs would be the responsibility of the Design team/head whereas the fourth would be managed by the HR team.

Individual Level OKRs

Objectives Key Results Observations
Create design for prototype of product  
  • Gather requirements to understand client needs
  • Using CAD software and required technical specifications, create detailed designs
  • Present final design to project manager for approval
Improve quality of designing
  1. Learn new skills and trending design softwares
  2. Deliver best-in-class integration experience
The KRs indicate that the individual’s intent here is to improve their skills to get better at designing the products – and adding a concrete end date may not be necessary here, as learning is a continuous process.