Announcing UpRaise People, app for Jira

By on July 3, 2018

We’ve been developing apps for Atlassian Marketplace for about 4 years now. Initially they were called plugins or add-ons. Not just that, much has changed since we started. The ecosystem has evolved at a rapid pace & is getting mature every day.

We are happy to announce our upcoming app – UpRaise People, for Jira. It is focused on bringing in your entire HR team to the Atlassian stack. This will result in not just centralising employee data, but also provide more contextual information. UpRaise People will help companies make more sense of their data through HR analytics.

Before we jump into the features of UpRaise People, let me walk you through origin of the idea.


We started with the belief that, managing performance of employees within the context of Jira made a lot of sense. It would actually get rid of all the inefficiencies in the process. And make employees more effective in the long run. That was the origin of UpRaise for Employee Success, our first app on the Atlassian marketplace.

Employee Success went from an MVP into a full fledged performance management system. The traction & feedback it gathered was tremendously encouraging. The product continues to grow as we invest more into its development.


In essence it covers following features

Then came out our next app, UpRaise for Employee Garrison. It focuses on core HR aspects of an organization.  While still at an early stage, it is gathering rave reviews from early adopters.


It has following core features

  • Employee Records
    • Custom attributes for employee profiles. Easily manage visibility & edit permissions.
  • Leaves Management
    • Build versatile leave policies that meet your organisation’s peculiar needs. No admin overhead.
  • Org Chart
    • Build & publish org charts for your team. With little effort, manage flow of information.

UpRaise People

Given the acceptance of the above UpRaise apps, natural step forward was to increase scope of UpRaise apps. To make them capable of streamlining the complete engaged employee lifecycle. To address that, we have been working on UpRaise People for some time now. This app is, of course, besides Employee Success & Employee Garrison.

In the last week of September 2018, we will be releasing UpRaise People to Atlassian Marketplace.  Initially available for the cloud version of Jira, it will soon be available on the server & data center versions as well.

UpRaise people will bring together features from Employee Success & Employee Garrison, as well as a few that are exclusive to itself. In total, this is what the feature landscape would look like –

  • Employee Records
  • Leaves Management
  • Document Management
  • Goals Management
    • OKRs
    • Traditional Goals
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Forms
    • Reviews
    • Surveys
    • Onboarding, Offboarding
    • Automation
  • Company Directory
    • Org chart
  • HR Analytics

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